New Item, the Stone of Healing

Hi all

Just flexing my item creation muscles and came up with this. I have more fluff for this item but its super-non-canon so I've left it out. Have a butchers, I have some questions below

Healing Stone
When an soldier was seriously wounded, he would swallow one of these stones. It would lie in his stomach and cast its healing magic on him, preventing his wounds from bleeding him out and massively boosting his recuperation. Once his wounds healed, the stone would pass through his bowels and could be collected and (after washing) reused.
Bind Wounds
R: Touch, D: sun, T: Ind
This effect immediately stops further blood loss and allows the user to continue to act without bleeding out. Its effects only last until sun up/down as it is only meant to last until the user can get his wounds properly bandaged. It is activated by swallowing the healing stone.
(Base 3, +1 touch, +2 sun, +10 for Penetration 20)
The Hidden Physician
R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Ind
This is the long term care effect. It is first activated by the stone being swallowed and then again after every new moon this effect casts and grants a +12 bonus to all healing efforts.
(Base 5, +1 touch, +3 moon, +3 levels environmental trigger (new moon), +10 for Penetration 20)
Pass the Physician
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: part
This effect allows the stone to pass through the digestive system and out of the bowels. It is triggered by the effect Sense the wounds passing.
(Base 3, +1 touch, +1 part, +10 for Penetration 20)
Sense the wounds passing
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
This effect casts every sunset and checks to see if the user is still carrying any injury, if they are then nothing else happens. If they are not then the Pass the Physician effect is triggered.
(Base 4, +1 touch, +3 levels environmental trigger (sunset), +10 for Penetration 20)

Ok so the questions. First, The Hidden physician has two triggers. The first one is when the stone is first swallowed and the second recasts the effect every new moon.
Second, the Pass the physician. Oddly enough, no base effects are listed for causing a person to poop (maybe loose control) but I looked at the guidelines and came up with a base effect of 3. Does this seem right? Should I take another angle and use an effect to keep the stone from being passed and have the effect end when the wounds are healed, allowing the stone to pass normally?

Opinions welcome.

"Pass the physician" is not really needed. The stone will find his way on his own. You will need some ReTe-Effect to keep it in place long enough, though.

I would expect that the digestive tract of the person using the stone would suffer ill effects from the prolonged exposure to even a smoothly polished stone. So you should find a way to prevent that. Maybe keeping the stone coated with whatever slimy stuff is found in a stomach (ReCo).
On the other hand, it is a healing stone, so maybe it's against his nature to irritate your intestines --depending on your GM.

Answers: First, why have two triggers? Why not just have the effect activate every new moon? Does it matter if the stone casts the effect all the time, whether it has been swallowed or not? If there is no valid target, then the spell will do nothing.
Second: I agree with Fury - you'd need the reverse effect to keep the stone in place.

My questions: why do you need it to be swallowed? A wounded person might be unable to swallow (eg unconscious), why not simply tuck it into a little pocket (with a hole in it so it 'touches' the person, if you require that sort of detail) which can be tied onto the wounded person?
Then you won't need anything more than the Hidden Physician and Bind Wounds effects (the latter triggered by it being tied on, if you wanted). When the patient feels better they can simply untie it and return it.

I think the idea of swallowing the stone instead of simply having it a amulet, makes it more dramatic and awesome. That item has moxy and appeal, whereas a amulet is pretty standard fair.

Who cares if it requires more effort or a bit more vis, if I was the storyguide on this item, there would be some handwaving on my part to make it happen.

I like it.

I agree there is the complication of the body wanting to pass that stone immediately though.

Could you perhaps be persuaded to put Art-combinations on you effects, and not just level calculations?
Most of them are obvious ofcourse, but for the sake of completeness.

Tellus: Yeah, whoops, totally forgot about that.

Gilarius: Two triggers are necessary to a) trigger the effect when it is put on and to renew it every time it expires. If it only started on the new moon, then our patient might be sitting around for a month waiting for his magical healing to kick in. So it needs to activate upon its first use, whenever it might be, and then renew when the moon duration expires for those wounds that require more healing time (heavy and up iirc).

As for being swallowed. Indeed it was to make it more interesting, but also it seems quite practical, assuming your patient can swallow the stone you then don't have to worry about anything. It can't fall off, get caught on things, be removed by sadistic enemies (who won't even know it is there) or ven be discarded by careless or mind controlled patients. Its a worry free panacea.

Plus, it's cool.

Fury: I'm coming round to your thinking that instead of an effect to poop it out it should have one to stop it being pooped until it is no longer needed.

Pass the Physician appears to be the only one that's really debated.
It's also the one I'd like a TeFo combination on, because at first I read it as "when the patient is healed, the stone is teleported out".
This is clearly not how everyone else read it :smiley: and doesn't fit vry well with guidelines either.

Maybe make the stone a permanent addition to their body. Surgical implants middle ages style! :laughing:

Ammended the original post to properly list the effects.