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The Perils of Perin

These charged items are named after Perin, a Redcap with a reputation for getting into trouble with both wizards and exotic creatures. Not a Gifted magus, he had no Parma and got out of his various scrapes with pure luck. His Amicus, a Verditius wizard named Savuin, came up with these items to protect him. The Parmula (True Lineages) had not been invented yet, and he could not always share his Parma with Perin, so he came up with the next best thing. He created a variety of charged items that when activated would attract a specific Form (or Forms if Requisites were used) to it rather than Perin. The typical activation would naturally be to hurl the charm from him and let it take the effect. The first such item is listed below.

Perils of Perin
ReAu Req. Ig Level 60
R: Voice D: Diameter T: Group
Charged Item
Total Level: 60

This item was created in the form of a lead coin with the imprint of the Verditian Runes of Auram and Ignem on either side of it and a hole in the center. The activation was to shout 'Repel!' and hurl the coin from him (the coin was usually attached to a bracelet or necklace with a loop of twine). Once activated the coin attracts any spells within Voice range of it into it, thus changing the target of the spell to itself. This item will effect any Auram or Igem spell or supernatural effect of level 35 or less, usually enough to protect from your typical Ball of Abysmal Flame or Incantation of Lightning and allow the wearer a chance to escape. To use properly the wearer must activate it before the caster of the spell, determined by rolling iniative, just as one would activate any magic item. If the iniative is not beaten, the target is unfortunately too late, the item will not provide the needed protection in time. Penetration on this device is not required, as it targets the spell itself which has no inherent protection.

Formula: To create a 'Peril' you must decide on what level of spell you wish to protect against, then add the levels for Range, Duration, and Target (+2/+1/+2). In theory any Form could be protected against, though the typical ones are for the more violent and spectacular Forms of Auram, Ignem, Corpus and even Mentem. From there create it as a Charged item, in the case of this Peril, it would be a decent idea to put in an effect Expiry, to allow you to create a few copies of it as it is a rather high effect. Using Lead allows for a +4 material (ward) bonus.

qcipher, The runes are limited to one Tech and one Form. Both of the ones you have listed are Forms....

...Not bad if Savuin's can generate a lab total of 120...

Actually the runes were intended not as a lab bonus but to indicate what Forms they protected against. I should have mentioned it, the only real lab bonus presented was from the Lead material.

If he can pull off a lab total of 65 and then puts in an effect expiry of 1 year, then he could pull off 10 charges in one Season. That's not too far fetched, and gives a decent return for one's efforts. If created as a lesser nchanted device that would be tough, or a greater it would take a long time. Charged items work best for this, and go with the feel I was looking for, a temporary magic resistant type device.

I am somewhat surprised that the spell doesn't have any Vim requisite.

I was thinking initially that it might, perhaps it should have one, but it is only affecting the Form. A Ward against fire doesn't need Vim for example. Maybe for the special effect it brings, but I figured ultimately it could be fine without it.

if it affects fire(s) and wind(s) in the area - it should say so!! - and need only affect Au,Ig (and don't forget the +Mag for additional effects!)

However, you describe it as redirecting SPELLs - and that is most specifically Vim. Look in the Vim GL and you will see there are a number of "affect spells of FORM" GL, and your device looks like it wants two effects: "change the target of spells of the form of Auram" and "change the target of spells of the form of Ignem".
(Recall that Ig is not just fire, but light and cold and darkness; that spells of Au & Ig may not be CrAu or CrIg which produce a real wind/fire which can be redirected, but the spell may be Mu or Pe...)

Finally - isn't a lead amulet going to get melted by all those fire spells? The amulet appears to have no built-in resistance to fire, it is just lead...

Seems kind of expensive...

Spend one season making something so that it can be used for four...


True enough. Based on what you pointed out, it should not only have a Vim requisite but also an extra magnitude maybe.

As for it being damaged, who cares? It's designed to be a throw away item. Each charge should have 1 coin, I picture the user to have a necklace with a few of these on it. You could even save a magnitude by giving it a Momentary duration (enough for 1 spell).

Well that depends. For starters this costs no Vis. Seconds, as was pointed out you get maybe 10 uses/charges out of it. Finally, you might be making it, but someone else (with no Parma) uses it and it could save their life. A lot of trouble can be had in only 1 year. You could give it more of an expiry also, make it last 7 years and you still get 5 charges out of it.

Okay, now I'm :confused:

If its a "throw away" item, why would you have multiple charges? Do you mean that you would make five of them...?


Well, in the charged item creation section, you get to decide how many items the charges will go in. So you can make several magic arrows for example, or in this case several warding coins. It's on page 97. The whole point of the item is that it's to buy you time to escape, sticking around and picking it back up isn't a good idea. These charms are unlikely to protect you more than once (per Form), the other wizard will see that lightning didn't work so is unlikely to try it again, but might try Ignem. Either way it's a good idea to leave.

For this spell level you could easily make an artifakt with unlimited uses of Leap of Homecoming... : /


errr, yeah, I got that... I know how the charges thing works, I was asking what YOU meant. Your explaination was...confusing...still is.
You were stating the thing could have five charges, but you were saying it was disposable... :question:
If you were trying to say you made five of them with one use each...

Lucius: Yeah, kind of my point. Why not just make a device with Seven League Stride, or something like that. (Leap would just bring you back "home")

No it would allow you to teleport to every point to which you have an arcane connection... for a redcap an uber-item: easy traveling to every point you have already visited, totaly safe and you also have a perfekt escape power... all you have to do is to take stones or something like it from houses, streets ect and make an "arcane-connection-refershing-tour" every few years to collelct new arcane connections, before the old ones expire.
And, of course, the item should be made für the redcap to avoid warping. :wink:

Like I said..."Home". If he got attacked often, he would never be able to finish his rounds. :slight_smile:

Yes he teleports home, and 3 minutes later he pops up at his last saving point ährm arcane connection point (so take a part of a tree every day :wink:). It is a bit like loading and saving in computer games.

One of my players already knows leap of homecoming or "Ultimate Stride" and as the gamemaster i have learned how powerful such an ability is.

Geez, picky-picky-picky. Can't please everyone I guess (at least I'm not getting the Abe treatment :laughing: ).

Looking back I see it was very clear to me, but I missed several things and didn't explain myself well.

The Duration should be brought down to Momentary, a Vim Requisite with a +1 Magnitude needs to be added. Finally it needs to be made clear that the example given each coin has one charge.

Then of course realize that teleporting away might be even better :confused:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah, kind of...


Yeah 'Teleporting" is a very powerful ability...

Serfs Parma but I do believe that to affect a spell while it is in it's duration, you need to have a penetration total higher than the casting total of the original spell. See MuVi guidelines.

Your item could attract mundane fires or mundane lightening but would still be hit by magical ones. Once hit, the flames would be attracted by your trinket.