new magic item(chainsword)

this is an attempt to make an item that was in 2nd ed dnd for ars magica.
the chainsword is a sword with a chain that goes threw the handle & aroung the blade,when activated the chain moves around the blade VERY fast(fast enough that the chain does about 2 die damage)
spell used,motion regoterum15 range touch(usually effects only the chain)
duration unlimited(basically it is because you can start/stop it unlimited times a day)
target,object(the chain in this case)
tell me what you think of the item& the accompining spell,please!

Achhh Abe.....

Pure genius.


Dismissing the grammar, the spell count is actually not that bad. If spelling can inprove, then who know what else can improve. In terms of spelling, I see potential here.

The item should come with the standard warning :
[color=red]Do not attempt to stop Chainsword with your hands or genitals.

It's not in the medieval paradigm. 'Nuff said.

Rego Terram 15 is fine for the base level of the spell. You need to remember to adjust it for range/duration/target, and things like number of uses if you actully want to enchant the item rather than 'just' cast the spell on it.

If you cast the spell on the sword, Touch is fine, though you'll have to pull your fingers out quickly. :blush: If the chain is considered part of the sword, then Self range is enough, though Touch is indeed preferable if you want to be able to change the chain when it wears out.

You may need additional enchantments to keep the chain in place when not in use, and to prevent it from damaging the sword itself, even though I'm not assuming you're trying to keep an edge on the sword.

You are mixing two concepts here. One is the duration of the spell, the other is the number of times per day it can be used. Since you want it to be "at will", you will need to use a Concentration duration, then have the item maintain concentration for you.

You will also need to add the appropriate number of levels for the unlimited number of uses, though in practice, you can probably skimp a bit on that.

The correct term is Individual, but that's OK.

The items is probably too anachronistic for most Ars Magica players, but... why not? The spell design is almost there and shows clear improvement over your previous efforts.

Spell: Abe's Whirring Chain of Pain and Destruction
Rego Terram 30
Range: Touch,
Duration: Concentration
Target: Individual

Focus: A piece of thorny vine (+2)

Description: Causes a length of chain held by the caster to wrap around the target (raising its soak by 2 points), and move at high speeds for the duration. The target is not harmed, but anything else coming in contact with the chain takes +4 damage (q.v. Transformation of the Thorny Staff page 131), assuming the chain has been specially crafted. If the chain breaks (a definite possibility), the spell immediately ends.

Design: Base ReTe 15 to move metal (page 153), +1 magnitude for Touch range (page 102), +1 magnitude for Concentration duration (page 103), +1 magnitude to prevent the chain from harming the spell's target.

Item: Abe's Whirring Chain-On-A-Stick
Rego Terram 45

Description: Use the shortsword stats page 172, changing damage to +6 and adding 3 extra botch dice.

Design: Base 35 (see above spell), +5 levels to have the item maintain concentration (page 87), +10 levels for unlimited uses per day (page 87).

thank you!
I said I was trying didn't I!

on a addtional note I am a fairly slow learner,as you probibly already guessed.

Well, now it's your turn to tell us what you think of the spell as I wrote it.

the spell look good!!!!!

Fire... baaaad.

insedentally what do you fine people think of the item itself?
I thought it was interesting & it MIGHT be something that a magi MIGHT make(at least as a experiment)

I think a Rotary Ho might be more practical.

It's a chainsaw.

The first was around 1920's, long, long after any rennaisance inventor had time to be "creative" with an experment. (There were others that were not man-portable, and an 1830's hand-cranked bone saw version, but nothing like what we think of.)

The delay was because it required 1) a very unusual sharpened chain, 2) the linkage to allow it to flex while keeping it alligned, 3) an engine both light and fast enough to make each small bite start to add up, and 4) the inspiration to put them all together.

If you want a chainsaw as a weapon, why not a machine gun and a tank to mount it on? Or a plane? The magic could do it, so why not? Hey, knock yourself out- it's your game, you have the fun you want.

NO WAY! To think he fooled me all that time! :wink:

And we're back to arguing "magitech revolution". You know, I'd be very surprised if there isn't a GURPS supplement that covers that topic...

there isn't a gurps suplement that covers that!
on a othe note the spell can be cast on other metal/stone items to give them mobility!

Why not Rego Herbam with a group target to simultaneously fling an entire quiver full of arrows? Why not boost it a few mags to do several quivers? Come to think of it, why not? I'll have to work that up. I think it's another potentially nasty spell. If only I hadn't loaned my book to another player who then failed to show up for game last Sunday (some people have church, we have Ars Magica).

On the subject of thousands of arrows, in the movie "Hero" with Jet Li, the army is able to lob about 10,000 arrows at Jet Li. Depending on the needs of the plot, he is or isn't able to dodge them.

Probably my favorite character from mythology is Arjuna, from Mahabharata. To say Arjuna is a fantastic archer is to do him a diservice. He could shoot arrows fast enough to build a ladder and climb it. During one of the great wars he single handedly killed a little over 100,000 soliders in one day. But what makes Arjuna so cool isn't his martial ability, but the choices he makes and lives with.