new magic item

item name-ultra-bright candle
basically it is what it says it is
any thoughts?

Usefull for bringing light into all these old and dark covenants :wink:

So we're talking a single candle with a sufficently high CrIg effect to illuminate an entire room to daylight conditions?
Base 5 gives light equivalent to a clear day, +1 mag for Conc, +2 mags for Room gives CrIg20
Item needs to maintain concentration (+5), and 1 charge per day (+0) is enough, no penetration.
Result CrIg25 (Pen 0).
A good lab total is needed to make it as a lesser device, 3 pawns vis.

Fine for enhancing your Lab. Especially if you want Ignem bonus, which is fine since you need a good Ignem to do this.

Alternatively it could be done with Duration: Sun (+1 mag) and skipping the need for 'Item keeps concentration' (-5 levels). But this needs at least 2 charges/day (+1 level), since it stops at sunrise/sunset. As a bonus you could add 'Environmental trigger, (+3 levels, right?) to have it re-light at sunrise/sunset, effectively giving a constant effect (or almost). End result is lvl 26, or 29 with automation. Same vis cost, but higher lab total is needed.
Otherwise you need to make it as invested device, spending more time and vis.
Or as a charged device, saving the vis, but requiring you to re-do this once in a while.

Well, if you want target room you will need range touch also, no? So the levels ends up at 30 instead.

If you only want the candle to shine though you might do it like this I think:

Base level (5) + Range Self (0) + Target Individual (0) + Duration Concentration (1 magnitude) +

  • Item Maintains Concentration (+5 levels) + One Charge/Day (0)

and the level ends up at 15.

It serves as the meadevil equilivent to a lightbulb.

I'd argue that the item can be range Personal, target Individual. The thing being affected is the object itself if it's a lamp or some such. It can only give off the light itself; it can't cause a touched object or person to glow. That justifies range of personal.
Target is individual because it's creating light. It's not so much enchanting a room to be bright as enchanting one object to give off light of a certain intsensity, which would just so happen to brighten a room.

So, base effect:
5 (Create light equal to bright sunlight on a clear day)
+1 concentration
Base spell level 10
Device maintains concentration = +5 levels
3 uses = +2 levels (This way you can turn it on and off a couple times).

Total final base effect is 17.
If you can manage a lab total of 34, you can do this as a lesser device and make them for your entire covenant, thereby reaping favors.

If you have access to the 'Covenants' book, perhaps this would qualify as having a magic item that duplicates the 'superior lighting' minor virtue for your lab.

Don't have access to said book,sorry.

Give me a while to think it over, I'll see what I come up with (I'm still learning the item creation/enchantment rules, and going ''hmm'' about them myself.) Also, why a candle?

Ever-bright lantern seems a more suitable name and item.

Ultra-bright is unnecessary, as not even light-bulbs are that. Ever-bright means never ending, a more useful feature. Also as a lantern it's less.... blatant. The candles are inside it.

Of course, it's probably any magus who has their own lab has created their own equivalent anyway, for simplicity.

if it's made with the same enchantment but in reverse you MIGHT have the start of photography!

No, that's a simple Rego Imeginem with a Creo req and muto req.

Move and copy the image. More specificly. Rego to move it, creo to make a perfect copy and muto to convert it to an image on a canvas or such like.

However, that requires Vis. And Aristotelian thought includes the principles of a camera anyway, as a camera obscura existed long before then, back with the Greeks themselves. Just because it takes modern tech to make the reactive chemicals we use doesn't mean there aren't ways to do it back then.


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any other MAGIC candles that you fine people created?