new magic items!

magic item #1-leather generator
basically it does what it says it does,generats leather!
magic item #2-parchment generator
again it does what it says it does,generats parchment!
tell me what you think of these items & what spells would go into making them.

Three problems -

First, the CrAn Guidelines for creating utilitarian objects are, imo, very high magnitude compared to the result. This is a matter of taste and personal preference, but it does seem rather imbalanced compared to the results one gets with CrHe or CrTe.

Second, the leather or parchment would be of X-duration only - and so of very limited use. (Of course, to use such a parchment to write a document upon, for instance a contract or confession, it would be the ultimate "disappearing ink"...) :laughing:

Lastly, to produce good writing-quality parchment, a Finesse roll is required - if this item is to be used by a non-mage, no Finesse would be expected*, and poor quality parchment is not very attractive to most purposes. Similarly with leather - add to the limited duration, and what is the creator going to do with it once it's created?

(* Altho' it's perfectly possible to teach Finesse to a mundane, as with any Arcane Ability - if a mage has the spare time and desire to do that.)

add vis & it's permanent.

Yep, if you are playing Fourth edition? I don't have a rulebook to hand abe, but if i find mine I'll have a go :slight_smile:

cj x


you MIGHT be able to use this as a lab item!(maybe?)

I could see a use for an enchanted desk or podium that creates moon-duration sheets of parchment, ink, and pens.
Basically, use it to write down lab texts or books that you're passing off to the covenant scribe to copy anyway. Or for writing down calculations and such that you won't need later. Beats using those awkward wax-tablet-and-stylus thingies.

Slate & chalk ftw! :wink:

any varient you fine people created based upon these items?