new Mastered Spell abilities

This lead me to a realisation that there are considerably more Spell Mastery abilities than mentioned in the main 5thEd book (supposedly introduced by Flambeau the Founder).

Which leads me to wonder how easy is it to create a new Spell Mastery ability? And teach it to the rest of the Order?
Presumably a new Spell Mastery ability requires a modification to Hermetic Theory, so some sort of Minor Breakthrough? And to teach other Magi, perhaps merely write a Tractatus on Magic Theory and how the new ability fits in (what sort of minimum level?).

So what sort of new Spell Mastery abilities have been developed in other people's sagas?

I have been trying to wrack my brains for such a new ability, and would mind a critique of the following:
Mastered Spell ability: Expanded Focus
A spell Mastered with this ability gains the benefit of the mage's Magical Focus, so long as the following conditions are met:

  1. the mastered spell must belong to a Techinque/Form combination that the Mage's Magical Focus already affects.
  2. The spell must already be mastered to as many levels as the magnitude of the spell - the more powerful and intricate a spell, the more mastered understanding of its nature is required to force it to fall under the Magical Focus.
  3. The mage's casting sigil for this mastered spell now includes a noticeable identification of their Magical Focus. (Assuming the Magical Focus didn't normally appear in the Casting Sigil).

I keep thinking this might be invented by a Tremere mage who wants to make their magical focus in Certamen practically applicable.

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Look at HoH:TL p.29 Breakthroughs in Play: a Tractatus about Spell Mastery for a specific spell should be enough to communicate a new Mastery Special Ability. Of course, Mastery Special Abilities can break sagas at least as easily as other Breakthroughs and require the same troupe discussion and approval.


In one campaign I was in, I had a Mastery ability that allowed me to reduce the Vis cost for a Ritual spell by my Mastery level, to no less than half the original value. But we were in a low vis saga where this sort of thing was necessary. Your saga may vary.