new monster(possible)

flumph stats-size_-3 str--1 all others as bird(large)
fly without wings(not sure of spell maginitude)rego airum25?
vim-2 in spikes undernith flumph
they attack & feed upon mice/rats so they are often found around manure piles/straw
thats all I have about them so far,please help in that regard!

Not sure why you want to import DND fantasy creatures into Ars. A magical jellyfish that preys on vermin should have a worse Soak and Stamina

There is a long tradition of taking things invented for one game and mechanically forcing them into another game. "Simply for the sake of doing it." Abe stumbles through this world.

I still keep this unerving suspicion that some day you'll shred your disguise and admit that you've been running a cunningly ploy, enjoying pulling the forums virtuel leg... :unamused:

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Been busy? Your suggesting that I'm Abe AND Tuura?!?!

I know it's only the internet, but my real world friend, Kryslin can attest that I am not. Doesn't mean much, but I'm just not that creative to develop another persona. Unless you count all the characters I play. Hmmmmmm?

Maybe not you... but a greater villainious masterplotter... :smiling_imp:

spell name-evil allusion
effect-make people look like a copy of abe
target-person(see above)
tell me what you think of my evil plan,thanks,bye!!


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What is this I see before me...? Is it a mastermind a work? Or is it simply a Scizophrenic? Dr. Dahl & Mister Abe...?

Dr. Dahl & Mister Abe...? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I often crossover settings and elements of settings, somtimes just some cute idea I like like using a few of the nifty imortals from Rifts`s China boo and its Hisen information in World of Darkness, somtimes I crossover somplete settings and make them meet. Exept for a few encounters whit the Old Faith that later became the Tradition Verbena in Mage, and a bit of time teavel in Mage I have not been crossing Ars whit alot but I considerd doing a cross between it and Wheel of Time. Crossovers can be fun.

As for the OP`s creature I have absolutly no idea what stats it would have, though a big flying yellyball that eat rats might be used for some story idea in some Ars game I think.

thanks for the help hagazussa!

Np, perhaps you could do a story where a magus`s own or whatever familiar get a bit upset that the food suply is going down and the magus send somone to investigate it and they find this creature?