New PDF Subscriber: How do I get Apeworld PDF?

I just signed up for the PDF subscription last night, and I am confused as to why the physical copy is in-stock on Apeworld, but NOT the PDF. Has the pandemic caused a critical internet-electron shortage? :slight_smile: Signing up for the subscription gave me a 10% off code for the previous items, I hope it's not a one-time code and I miss out on that for Apeworld if I buy Burning Dragon today.

I just went ahead and placed the order for Burning Dragon PDF anyway, as it's not like missing out on a less than a $1 savings on one item was going to ruin my day or anything.

Still, it would be nice to have a clear understanding of the status on Apeworld On Fire, if anyone can fill me in on when I can expect to be able to purchase it.