New Player, Hoping to Play!

I didn't see a thread anywhere for introducing yourself to the community, so I guess doing so here is where I have to do it!

I've long been a fan of fantasy RPGs, and I've commonly found myself always playing the Mage of the group. And while I've become quite good at doing so in D&D or Rifts or whatever other systems exist out there, I find myself wanting to get more in-depth with it. And that's what this system is...or, at least, I hope it will be.

I don't care what kind of game is played, so long as I can try to be a part of it. I'm a system noob in that while I have and have read the books, I have never played before. I am familiar with some terminology, and I can create characters, and I can pretend on my own all I want...but I need to actually play in order to get a better grasp of the rules and make sure I'm not fooling myself with some false belief that I can do this. I'm pretty sure I can do this, but I'd like some kind of validation that can only be gotten through actually playing, if you take my meaning.

Anyhow, if there are any games out there looking for new blood, and if the SG and players are willing to help a new guy through some of the rules and such, I'm your guy! Or girl, depending on the character, really.


I'm looking for apprentices to start with in my saga, Stealing the Future. Starting with an apprentice can make it a low stakes way to start to play Ars, as you don't have to invest a lot of time to make a character.

Assuming Marcus isn't already overwhelmed with players, I would recommend Light of Andorra much more highly. I have participated in both games and find Light of Andorra to be a much more rewarding, fulfilling, and pleasant experience.

To each their own. The play styles are totally different, from the looks of it. Mind, I don't play in Lights of Andorra, but anyone can read the posts. It's a High Fantasy saga with a focus on adventuring; that suits some people. Others may like a slower-paced saga with a focus on character development more, which would be Jonathan's.

For the record...

  • I am pretty full up right now
  • It isn't fair to play comparison contrast or to criticize other people's happy and successful games or their playing style.
  • Andorra has plenty of character development. Read the character sheets.
  • Snarky comments reed snarky comments and cause reactions like the previous one :wink:
  • There really is a lot of rich history and development though.

Marko is right, of course. Excuses if I implied that the Light of Andorra's characters had less effort spent on personality development, which is unlikely to be true and not my intend, for sure.