New player looking for PbP game.

Hello there! Just a new player interested in the system and troupe style gameplay looking for a way to learn it and to hopefully have a decent time doing so.

I do have the Ars Magica 5th edition rulebook but on its own its not that fun especially when your normal irl group is stuck in dnd 5e and not really brave enough to try something more complex.

I have played on my own online in a couple of systems like pathfinder, lancer, PBTA, rifts and a few others but Ars Magica feels like a system I would propably enjoy even for a longer period of time compared to the little time I have played in those other systems I just mentioned.

Propably the biggest thing im unsure about in this system is character creation but im sure with a few pointers I could get it. Im just more of a practical learner so making a character for a game would be perfect for me.

Thats all and I hope I can find a game soon. Thanks for atleast reading this far :smiley: