New player looking for PbP game

FWIW I am in GMT -4 (US Eastern) timezone

I can be a Storyguide/GM or player, but would rather start as player-only to get better familiarity with the 5e rules. I prefer PbP to Discord, since I need a bit of flexibility in timing.

A sudden spring is opening up to allow new players to join, if you are interested. At this point you could make a character past gauntlet, but the world is a bit different (in 1290 AD) so some discussion about different options for a character might be a good idea (for example the Order of Sueleman is now house Sueleman, obviously with some changes to how they operate.)

I am interested.
What are my next steps? Design a character concept?

Is there a place where I can find out more info of the covenant backstory? I've checked the forums, but other than the campaign description, I have not found anything.

Which AM5 books are the most relevant? Cradle and the Crescent?

In terms of location the covenant is in the (new!) African tribunal, a lot of the game to this point has been the characters (whose memories have been wiped as they were de-aged) figuring out what all has actually changed, so there is not anywhere that contains that information all laid out- writing to me personally or in a character creation thread after submitting the character's name in the book of names will be how we will need to approach it. Between sand and sea will be the best description of the location, Cradle and the Cresent has information on the order of Suleman, though house Suleman is a bit different (it is built as a mystery house with djinn summoning as it's house virtue).

OK, I will grab Between Sand and Sea. It is one of the few that I do not own.

As the characters were de-aged and memory wiped, do they originate from Africa or throughout Mythic Europe?

I will begin work on a concept and post in the Sudden Spring forum. Can I have access to post there?
ETA this week, since I want a little time to read Between Sand and Sea.

The current characters originate from throughout mythic Europe from before the African tribunal was established. Your character is obviously more contemporary in origins.

Should I be designing a magus or a companion for the book of names?

Should it still be an Arab companion (as per this post) ?

Probably a magus, or both, unless you don't want a magus character for some reason.

If you can't post into the campaign forum, try switching your membership type to this: Play by post players - Atlas Games RPG Forum

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Looks like that worked. Thanks

We also have an inactive magi - Silas ex Verditius, if you prefer taking up an existing character with the common background rather than a magi applying from the outside.

I'll take a look at Silas later today.

Hello all, I have now

  • purchased and read some of Between Sand and Sea, particularly the sections about regions around Al Kufra.
  • read hundreds of posts in the Sudden Spring forum.

I get the idea of what is happening, plot-wise.

So, @temprobe suggested I pick up Silas Ex Verditius from Whaler. Are you sure Whaler is not coming back? I have not thought of any major directions to take a paranoid, leper enchanter, but that may be okay.

@silveroak I just wanted your opinion/preference, if you have one. I do not have a strong opinion -- I'll just have to re-read the Verditius sections of HoH:MC. Not a hardship. My only concern is that his personality is one that will not take him out on many adventures (ie, I will not have much to do). If that becomes an issue, can I create a companion as well?

If you (@silveroak ) would prefer that I not take over Silas, I can begin a magi concept in the name book.

Whaler hasn't really interacted with the game since May, and confirmed to me, end of June, he had no idea when his real life would get less busy and that it was safer to assume he was not coming back than hope he would become active again.

I only have one issue with you taking over Silas- the character is currently as Whaler wrote him up, however he has an unknown history as his alternate self that is derived from that which includes attitude and tone I derived from the discussion, and which has left him with certain unknowns in terms of that history which did not completely go away just because his memory of it did. Fundamentally I don't want you to take the character unless you are certain you will be okay with that unknown baggage.
Also, one issue which I think frustrated Whaler is the combination of artistic and enchanting rules, primarily in that where to make an artistic object (such as a chest) and enchant it will require adding the seasons for the two activities rather than those disappearing into an overlap.

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I think on that note, I'd rather create a new magus. I'll add one to the book of names. ETA this weekend.
If I create a new magus, am I playing one that has been rejuvenated? I am fine either way, mostly just curious.

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No, you will be playing an outsider who is entering the covenant.

Sounds good. You will hear from me soon in the Book of Names