New Player Seeks Game

Hello. I'm a relaxed, mature player seeking to join an Ars Magica Play-by-Post campaign. Admittedly, I don't have very much direct Ars Magica play experience. But I've a firm grasp of the overall mechanics, and I've been perusing the 5th Edition rules, which seem much better structured than previous editions. In particular, I like the way that Parma Magica has been fleshed out in detail.

I'd be extremely interested in developing a new character in a fledgling covenant and watching both grow to fruition. Thank you.

hi! And welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

the best thing you can do is to keep an eye on the "Recruitment: GMs Looking for Players" subforum. It tends to be where the real movers of play by post games (the alpha storyguides) tend to post the ideas for their online sagas. As such you might find a game that interest you there :slight_smile: There is a fairly OK number of sagas going on or on the planning stage, so it should work well enough.

Hope that helps!