New Popup Juncture

ok, I just got my Feng Shui 2 book, was looking it over the other night.... looks beautiful and a fun game by the way.....

I am starting to work on a campaign.. (happily I have some time)..... that was going to be starting at least in New York or Philly....

the question and I hope i get some help here from people who know the system more then I do.... I was playing The Order 1886 the past few days.. and i have always loved the type of universe and I was thinking of employing that Alternate London into my game as a Popup Juncture that my players will be dealing with quite a few times (as it will play prominent roll in the campaign i want to create.... ) so I am asking the community to help me out with creating the Juncture... the Universe.. the Personalities.. the weapons.. etc..... as I am not that great at that and really would like it to be a surprise to my players when the time comes......


I don't know much about The Order 1886, but my advice is to take inspiration from it, not to try and rebuild it exactly.

I don't think you need a pop up juncture. 1850 is the Past Juncture and that is close enough to 1886, and removes all the limited time period questions that come with Pop Up Juncuters. Most portals in the Past juncture lead to China, but most isn't all. You could have a portal or two open to Europe, where some other faction(s) is getting a foot hold into the juncture besides the Ascended and the Guiding Hand.

In the Past Juncture the Ascended, AKA Transformed Animals, are dominant. Human/Beast monsters would scare the crap out of them in a variety of ways, as reversion is the thing they fear the most. Someone sending monsters like that would get their attention.

The high tech weapons speaks to me of Scrounge Tech, which makes me think there should be a connection here to the Future Juncture related factions. That means Jammers, Simians, or a rare survivor of the Architects of the Flesh.

Here is an idea: 1850 (Past Juncture) Europe houses a rare surviving Architects of the Flesh outpost, complete with mad science lab. Maybe the local portal to London was closed when the C-bomb went off, and only a few of the scientist were dusted because of it. Maybe the local secret lab made a habit of recruiting locals for lab assistants, so those are the survivors, while their local leaders turned to dust, along with all their demon-flesh Arcanowave tech. They also saw an example of Mutation from the C-bomb. The new leader of the local secret lab is a (locally born) mad scientist that has figured out how to duplicate some of the mutation effects of the C-bomb and is using it on trained animals to make monsters she can control. This has frightens the hell out of the local dominant Ascendant, because they think it's some kind of partial reversion of their own kind. Meanwhile, a portal to the netherworld has (re)opened in London, and some Simians have come through hoping to locate the Architects of the Flesh lab so they can claim the secret of causing mutations. They are the ones making Scrounge Tech weapons for the locals. Steam/clockwork weapons made from local materials and tech, but future levels of skill and knowledge.

So there you have it: A mad scientist using Architects of the Flesh technology and knowledge in a secret lab to generate mutant animals with which to attack the Ascendant, Simian agents providing time-inappropriate scrounge tech weapons and gear to local monster hunters as part of a plan to find the lost lab and it's mutation secrets, and the juncture dominant Ascendants that are frightened to death that the monsters might be their own kind in some kind of partial reversion (or worse, that the animal mutantion effect would effect them as if they were animals instead of people) and are therefore allowing the Simians to take point but are planning to swoop in and destroy everything with prejudice once the secret lab is found... even if that means killing a lot of innocents. Note that none of these factions care the least bit for the local people getting hurt in the cross fire.

Into the middle of this the players, ostensibly Dragons, walk. Look for a way to get some Melodramatic Hooks involved, preferably multiple hooks associated with different factions. As the faction of doomed heroes, they are likely to want to stop the mutant attacks, prevent the Simians from learning the secret of mutation, and keep the ascedant from blowing up part of London. Try to get the melodramatic hooks to align with that.

What we need here is a larger plot that needs to be stopped. What is the end goal of the mad scientist? As a surviving member of the Architects of the Flesh, she likely wants to see the Ascendant defeated, and maybe pave a way towards her own rise to power in this juncture. Maybe the intent of the mutation experiments is exactly what the ascendant fear: something that can force a reversion upon them. Right now it causes strange mutations in "real" humans, but turns animals into human/animal hybrids, but she has already discovered that it effects transformed animals as if they were animal instead of human. She is working on a new version that will be safe to real humans but turn transformed animals into their base animal forms. With such a weapon she could overthrown the Ascendant, and who cares if it has nasty side effects on the human population while she does so?

The finale might involve a fight on an airship (only a tad early) designed to spray mutagen onto London, which would be terrifying to the transformed animal population, but would also be a hazard to some percentage of the human population. (AKA: "Only 9% of the people will mutate, while another 23% percent of people will have a lethal allergic reaction to the formula. A small price to pay for Victory!") Ascendant have a nuke and are willing to blow up a chunk of London to eliminate the danger to their kind, and the Simians desperately want the formula that turns humans into mutants, even if it's just 1 in 10.

BlackJaw, that's great! Love it :slight_smile:

thanks for the help on this, as I am new to the game and system.. so thanks.....

one of the things i did love about the Order 1886 are two things beyond the out of time tech and the timeframe.......

are the Knights of the Round Table... (as the order are the Knights.. names and all.. and the round table itself...) is also that

Tesla himself is the Mad Scientist in question that designs much of the toys for the order itself......

You may not know much about Feng Shui (yet) but I know little about Order 1886, so what I'm about to do will probably not match the video game, but will work for Feng Shui's storyline/setting. It's also going to get a bit complicated, because time travel.

Bringing Knights of the Round table into play is 100% possible thanks to the wonders of time travel, and especially because of the new Pop Up Junctures. It's also going to let us bring a new story element into the mix. Say the year is about 538, and Knights in service to King Arthur are on their quest for the Holy Grail. In this quest a group of them encounter a witch who tells them she can help them find the Grail. She says there is fairy door in Stone Henge that will lead them into the future of England where they can find the grail and bring it back to heal their king and their land. The Knights travel through this Pop Up Juncture Portal (unaware that it is short lived, and thus trapping them in the future) into the netherworld and eventually make their way to 1850 London. In the city the encounter people under attack from monsters, and being knights they know a thing or two about fighting monsters. They eventually team up with a "wizard" who equips them with strange "weapons of science" to battle the monsters with.
The Simian agent in this case isn't equipping local monster hunters, but is instead using time-lost knights from the dark ages. The knights are now inner-walkers.

We can also get Tesla in the mix, but this is a bit more complicated, and we can really only get him as a kid/teenager. Tesla was born in 1856, and we're using the 1850 juncture, but this is solved by page 250 of Feng Shui 2. Essentially, the Past Juncture was 1850 in Feng Shui 1, so by rights, the juncture should be 1865 by now, as junctures "move" through time as the standard rate. Of course the C-Bomb is to blame here. When it went off, the 1865 Juncture closed and the 1850 juncture re-opened (well actually 1847, but that was 3 years ago so it's 1850 now). This had an odd effect on innerwalkers from 1850: they remember living the 16 years, but the timeline has effectively reset around them. Stranger still, innerwalkers actually aged those 16 years, but locals see them as the younger version that fits in the 1850 time period.
Now imagine in 1865 that some Jammers (the group before it split into Simians and Jammers) recruited a young (9 year old) Tesla to their cause and brought him into the netherworld or even the future. When the C-bomb went off and the timeline reset, he'd be effectively non-existent to the locals because he hasn't been born for 6 years. Locals see him as he was in 1850: non-existent. He's not exactly invisible so much as impossible to notice, unless you are a time traveler too.

That gets a 12 year old genius with some knowledge of Future juncture technology. The local Simian forces, who are a break away force from the Jammers, are using him as their weapon inventor. He may not really be aware of the Simian agenda, but like an excited 12 year old that he is, is focused on making cool weapons for hunting monsters and hanging out with actual knights of the round table.

To recap:
A Mad Science survivor for the Architects of the Flesh is making mutant animal monsters as part of an attempt to take power from the local dominant Ascendant.
The local Ascendant (transformed animals) are rightly afraid, because they think that whatever is being used to create mutant animals could be used to force reversions on them. They hope to use other forces to deal with the problem.
A group of time-lost knights of the round table are in London seeking the Holy Grail, and have taken up the fight against the mutant monsters because that's what knights do.
A Simian force wants the secret to creating mutants and has been equipping the knights with scrounge tech weapons hoping that the knights will lead them to the source of the mutants.
The scrounge tech weapons are being made by a 12 year old genius (Kid Tesla) whom the Simian forces are haven't so much recruited to their cause so much as just using. The kid (maybe call him Nik) is under an odd temporal effect where only other time travelers can notice he even exists.

This is actually a really entertaining bunch of factions with some aligned and not so aligned objectives. It could be very entertaining to run a game through it.

For fun, actually include the Grail in here somewhere.
Maybe the Acendant have it and have promised it to the knights if they stop the mutant monster problem. Maybe it was an Ascendant agent that recruited the knights from the King Arthur pop-up juncture. They might be lying about having it, or being willing to part with it.
Or maybe instead, the mutation process involves using the grail and the Mad Scientist has it, fulfilling the witch's prophesy.

We can also get some C-Bomb action in here. The mutantion process is derived from the C-bomb's effects, and based on the timing of young Nik's "recruitment" by the Jammers he may have unwittingly helped build the bomb, or some key part of it. He may not be aware of what his genius is being used for, and by whom.

Well if the fictional Professor James Moriarty was, say, 50 in The Final Problem, that would make him 24 in 1865. At that point he would've already have become a Professor of mathematics and started looking around for something more sociopathic to do.

1865 is also 8 years after the fictional Prince Dakkar lost his kingdom and family, took on the name "Nemo," swore vengeance on the west, and started building his nuclear submarine.

Also at this point, Frankenstein's monster has been running around for at least 70 years.

Dracula, on the other hand, is still sitting in Transylvania. He won't make it to London until the 1890s...but you could tweak that.

In short, the late 1800s is a great time/juncture for fictional villains.