new range(journey)

this range is equlivent to the range a man can go on a forced march in one day!
tell me what you think of it,please!

That it would enable you to cast a spell on anybody within one day's march? Since targeting something that is out of sight requires an arcane connection anyway, the Arcane Connection range would serve just as well. Or Sight range if still within sight.

Also, when proposing a new range, you need to indicate how it compares magnitude-wise with the existing ones, otherwise it isn't usable.

It think it is a brilliant idea from abe, but a think as a duration. :slight_smile: (No Joking)
This would perfecly fit to targets/durations like fire or roads or bloodline or bargain.
At time of casting you have to define a special journey, like "From here to the village" or "Hamburg to Jerusalem" "Or Europe to India", but nothing like "From batchroom to kitchen" or "From young to old".
The magnitude should equal to Sun, but the spell only lasts a moon long but can be recast while you on this journey. I think sun fits more than moon, because a moon-spell (witch the same duraton) is far more flexible.

I agree with Lucius.

It's actually not a bad idea for a Duration (equal to Sun) and perhaps just the thing my Mercere geographer/cartographer magus would be in to...

Now there's just the minor problem of making one Major Breakthrough through original research while constantly travelling...


Or you design a Mercere Mystery Cult :wink:

True but I don't have my hands on TMRE yet and want to get the mechanics right. Brings me to another question though:

Presumably all the Ranges, Durations etc of the varius House Mysteries were invented by someone or something at one point in time, but how many of them were the products of Original Research?

I'm interested in seeing how the two intersect - HoH:MC implies that you can gain Mysteries even if the mystagogue doesn't know the required Virtue, which seems like an alternative to Original Research.


Agree with all of the above, this could be a cool DURATION and it's construction will be better resolved as soon as we all have our grubby hands (at least mine are grubby) on TMRE

sorry.I meant duration. :blush:

Yes, you can gain Virtues not known to the Mystagogue - primarily by having a (difficult) Initation Script (devised by a previous Cult member). [So that's not research, just not having the synergy between Script & knowing the Virtue personally]

In TMRE you will be able to devise new Initations from scratch, by experimenting (hoho!).

This is an interesting duration. I don't like it ending in a month - it should IMO just last the whole journey. It lasts while the target carries on the journey, and ends when the target strays from the path or lingers for whatever reason.

I would peg it as Sun too, just for the fun of it. I can certainly see it more appropriate as Moon in terms of balance, though (although having to learn a Virtue to gain it mitigates things somehow).

Good point regarding Original Research and Mysteries, Jarkman.