New rules for fu schticks

The fu schticks is unnecessary complex and the schticks are pretty lousy as well, compared to fortune dices and gun schticks. It also takes a pretty good while for the player to read all those schticks when (s)he's making the character. So I sat down one day and rewrote the fu schticks. These rules aren't playtested yet.

My design goals
× The system should construct cool names on fighting techniques.
× The player should be able to make custom-made paths.
× It should be easy to combine something that will give the player an advantage in some situations.
× The system should be stream lined and not have unnecessary special rules for every schtick.

The document (430 kb)

What I would appriciate
I know my english is a little... trembling, so I would really appreciate if you reported any misspelling, grammatical errors or if my sentences is like a blind monkey with epilepsia has written it.

A contest
Who can powergame the most out of these rules? Say that you start with the Old master archetype (with five schtick picks). What kind of paths would you create and why? I can tell you that having a third rank in a path is pretty good. That was my goals later on, when I realized how I should form the rules.

Path of the Sensual Dragon of Wisdom: The old master would kick ass if (s)he got 8 Fortune points to spend. Then perhaps Forged Wood or just Silent and Forged with the two last schticks because they don't need Fu to activate.

Path of the Forged Rat Climb: Perfect against named characters. Can buy Shadow Tiger just to meet the prerequisites. I like the idea of the old master climbing on a sky scrape at night and not one soul is seeing him. Perhaps change Climb against Senses, so that you can buy something else then Tiger. Tiger is pretty useless if you already do Strength + 6 with you barehanded attacks.