new s&m bonus?(beeswax) & items

A possible new s&m bonus for beeswax is possibly +2 to remove snake venom
item-candle of holy smight!
this item when burned will spill out a [size=200]potent[/size] aura that repells deamons for about 2 church radious(basically double the size of the church this item probibly would be used in.)
this item can ONLY be used in a church(won't funtion if lit outside of a church)
item-glasses of holy sight
these pair of glasses allow the wearer to see deamons as they really are!
both of these items are obvioussly not hermatic in origian so bear with me on these items,but I would like your input on these.

For future refrence they used beeswax as a cure for snakebite in the middle ages.(fyi)