New Saga: Players Wanted


We're starting a new saga with four players, including SG. We'd love some more.

Where: Austin, TX
When: about every three weeks, typically on Sundays, starting in late August
Who: Mature, reliable role-players, able to commit to the saga

Where: Livonia, near the Dvina/Daugava River (in contemporary Latvia)
When: 1190
Who: newly-gauntleted magi who will join the winter covenant of Superna Constituo

We're starting this new saga because the alpha SG of our previous saga, Ars Bohemia, is moving to South Dakota to work as a folklorist on a reservation. For some sense of how the troupe works, you can check out the web page There's information there on some of the characters and sessions of that saga. For what information there is on the new saga, you can check out

For the first session, I plan to have an in-transit story set in the port of Stettin (on the Oder, near the Baltic). New players might just take some grogs for that session, so that we can get a sense for one another before making major commitments.

If you're interested, please email me at

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