new spell(animate the picture made by man)

base effect-you animate pictures/illuminations that were done by men(NOT women)
prequites-regoaquam 30(I think)
duration-hourglass(as long as it takes a hourglass to empty the top chamber)
tell me what you think of this spell please.

I think the gender requirement is sort of anti-Hermetic. If this is a Mystery Cult sort of thing, outside the formal theory of magic, that might make sense (also with the hourglass duration), but there are few (if any) Hermetic spells which are gender-specific.

If you wanted to animate the pictures so they came alive already representing their natures, like a painting of a knight becoming a thinking knight with knowledge of swordsmanship, which isn't really possible with hermetic magic (not unless there are ghosts nearby or with a massive Creo Intellego ritual), that would be a pretty nifty cult ritual and could have the sex-specific requirement.

But, honestly, just to give a painting three dimensional form and basic automaton capability - doesn't need to be restricted by sex of creator.

Also, my art history may be failing me here, but aren't 13th century paintings in tempera, and so all liquid has already evaporated (oil stays liquid)? You'd be better off with herbam/animal/terram for the pigments.

Last art history note - are artists still using sizing of figures based on nobility in the thirteenth century? If so, you may find out that your royal characters turn out LOTS bigger than anyone else in the picture.

well,the idea sounded like it made sense at the time.