new spell-burp of vis

burp of vis prequisites-creovim 60(ritual)
effect the earth itself burps out large amounts of vis
target-earth under the mages feet
can be cast inside of the mages sactum if disiared
yes I know that some of the words are mispelled,I just cant spell to good.
please tell me what you think of this spell though.

This spell sorta defeats its purpose.

You need vis to cast ritual magic and create something this case, 12 pawns...then the earth "burps up" more vis?

Why bother?

I'd rather just distill some vis at a steady rate every season than making the earth do something completely absurd.

I would actually think it wouldn't be a bad Muto-Vim ritual discovered after research.

You put in X pawns of Vim vis and extract X pawns of a predefined vis. so there would be 10 versions of this ritual and all the minor breakthrough type research around it.

Basically if you badly need Ignem vis and only have vim, but do have this spell then you're on your way to a solution.

However you can only change a number of pawns equal to the magnitude. and triple botch dice on a muto-vim spell.... BOOM!.

Muto Vim? So, the spell is changing one form of vis to another, breaking the lesser Limit of Vis.

You're very generous with making that simply a minor breakthrough, as breaking a lesser limit, according to HoH:TL is a Hermetic breakthrough.

The spell basically makes the earth double your vis! :open_mouth:

Does not work according to the rules, then.



even though HoH TL states it's a hermetic breakthrough, personally I think that in terms of game balance it's only something of Mild Utility so as it changes one type of vis (vim) into another, requires 10 different spells and can only change a number equal to the spell magnitude I'd be more willing to take a step back from Hermetic Breakthrough as I feel that at this level you're not getting your fair bang for breakthrough value.

There is a ritual that changes a pawn of vis to an other pawn for every magnitude of the ritual. That means tha tit costs you 1 pawn of vis to convert an other pawn. This spell is MUCH better than that.

And if you take Abe's last comment it is plain powergamer what you can achieve with it. Double vis. Cast again. Double vis again. Cast again, double vis once again.....


I would add some serious caveats to the or spell not a simple swap-vis spell

for example

Is a Hermetic breakthrough
The spell is Muto Vim and therefore requires Muto or Vim Vis
It can only be cast in a magic aura (maybe even an appropriately aspected aura)
It needs 9 versions at one per form (excluding vis)
it creates 1.5x or double the vis (i'd say 1.5)

Then you have some seriously restrictions and I'd allow this.

The spell does nothing to enhance a role-playing feeling. I believe vis should be a reward and not something you can just get for free. Getting vis from an aura costs something valuable: time.

Using a ritual costs less time, even if it is level 60.
It can be cast over 100 times in a season.

Assuming a ratio of 1 vis becomes 1,5 vis (meaning 12 vis for the ritual become 18 vis)
In one season, if the ritual is cast once per day,
90x18-90x12 vis can be gained this way = 1620-1080= 540 pawns.

This breaks the sytem!!!

It is worse if vis can be reinvested somehow.
then we get 1,5^90-fold, or the 7.050.392.822.843.070-fold, a scary amount.

Notice how I laid down a whole host of caveats, including hermetic breakthrough, magic (aspected) aura and requires Vim Vis but only yeilds one of the other 9 forms.

so you can turn 4 pawns of Vim into 6 Terram but not back into 9 pawns of Vim. So it will take a season or story to extract Vim Vis. Plus 12 pawns of vis is a 60th level ritual spell, the minimum would always be lvl 20 (it's a ritual).

so yes you could cast a varient 100 times a day, but you would need the intial vis to fuel it.

Considering the sheer length of time it would take to do this, I think that you've sacrificed so much time getting this ability, there would be little issue in having such a small gain.

It also has major story advantages... for example the Mecere Bank want the spell and are willing to ensure no-one else has it.

Still, the ritual gives you something for nothing. I dislike it for the same reasons that Michelle does.



not if you have to do a Hermetic breakthrough to do it. The time and energy required to do this would mean that the magi would be sacrificing time learning arts, making devices, devising spells etc.

The ability under certain circumstances (set to be as strict or lenient as the game demands) to crack vim (specifcally and only ever vim) vis into 1.5 times vis of the other forms is not a major game breaker considering how difficult bending the limit of energy would actully be.