new spell(call the future book)

call of the future book creomentum general
effect you gain knowledge of the DISTANT future that is written in books of that time,time difrence is 1 century per level max
distance-touch(basically you are putting the knowledge into yourself)
tell me what you fine people think of this spell & how it MIGHT be used in a adventure,if that.

Well, it obviously breaks the Limit of Time (AM5 p.80). Assuming you don't mind, Creo is the wrong technique, since it can only create what the magus himself is already familiar with; what you need is Intelligo, which will give you the knowledge you scry for, no additional Creo needed. Assuming you really want to consult a book, the Form should be animal or herbam, depending on what it is written on (possibly even Terram or Corpus, in some case !). Range and Distance are the same thing, so you only use one, and it should be the range to the knowledge to be discovered, which is a range hermetic theory doesn't have yet. You'll need to invent a new one. Duration Instantaneous is called Momentary, and not enough to receive complex information, you'll need at least Diameter. And the Target, which you missed, is Individual.

So first you'll need a Major Breakthrough to break the Limit of Time and invent a new range. Assuming the Limit can even be broken. Then you have to be ready with all the paradox problem that it creates: if the knowledge of the future is used to change the future, then it won't be written, so obviously it could not have been received with the spell to begin with...

And of course, the all powerful Divine may or may not appreciate your messing with its plans for the future.

Frankly, I think this should not ever, ever be placed in the hands of the PC. But in the hand of a NPC (who obviously need to be stopped before God send the Four Riders of the Apocalypse to do the job) it might make for an interesting campaign.

Even if there were a breakthrough allowing a magus to target something in the future (or the past) ,
what did you study to acquire the insight in the first place?
That might make a story.

If you are targeting knowledge , how are you translating the language , if it is unknown to you?

What kind of future are we talking about anyway?
One in which the Order of Hermes and Mythic Europe still exists in some form?
Plus , if there was a breakthrough allowing scrying into the future ,
then there would be wards against it most probably.

There would also be time travel aficionados enchanting books to purposely draw scrying eyes for their own amusement.

could be a secret spell?

No it's an old Mercurian ritual. Bonisagus knew it and used it to start the order by reading all the books in Durenmar 10 centuries before they where written. He really had almost no inventive talent whatsoever. Many flaws in hermetic theory actually result from him purposely hiding something (Like the Limit of Time) or just losing some notes. (The limit of energy.) :smiling_imp:

Maine, I like it :wink:.

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what sort of knowledge would magi gain using this spell?