new spell(cloud of nousisnouslly bad smells)

creiganum(arum 40)effect-you send out a powerful wave of SMELLY gas at opponents

You mispelled Nauseous, I thought it said "Noisy Bad Smells", which would be cool :laughing:

Make it Creo Imaginem, with an Auram requisite to create a medium to sustain the sensations (and to give the smell extra pow). If the cloud envelops you, you choke and gasp because of the foul air and your senses are bombarded by loud noises and flashing lights. Not physically harmful, but very disorienting and chaos causing :smiling_imp:

I have corrected the requisites for the spell.

ANY other thoughts on this spell?

A higher level spell MIGHT be able to cause MASSIVE damage with a single casting!