new spell(enhanced study)

enhanced study base effect-you gain from one day's study of a item as you would gain from a seasons study
the vime requirment is if you study vis of course!
I think that I got the name for mind right(if not please corect me)& please tell me what you think of this


It breaks the game.

Salvete Sodales, etiam salve Abe!

Of course I second the idea that such a spell would break the game.

But this doesn't mean that magi don't research in spells to boost their learning. Unfortunately - for them, not the game - this just doesn't work well. In the conveants-sourcebook there is the lab routine 'addled' which just shows how far they have got.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Thirded. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fourthed...if this is even a real word.

But seriously, any methods like this to boost study or lab work rgarding speed or efficiency is a potential game breaker, bordering on munchkinism IMHO.

The ordinary rules for Labs and expansion take into account space available and money - if you disregard this, it could also break the game.

Making study more efficient could easily create problems, even worse than 4th ed where Int+Concentration ability was added to Quality of books read.
Same goes for (ab)using regions with fasterpassage of time, to get in a season's worth of reading or lab work in a mere month or week in the "real world". Of course, the faster aging can spoil this deal. However munchkins would surely finangle a way out of this.
Regarding another ongoing thread "Reading while traveling" (or something like that, I also feels this is a potential imbalance.
Stories are what drives the game, stories are what should entice the characters to get out of their dank sancti. I use the travel distance as a means to make the characters weigh the potential gain from the journey/story (or the problems by not doing it) against the loss of lab/study time. If travel is too easy (flight, teleportation etc) this becomes a moot point. Likewise, if the time spent in transit is just like time reading in the library, it's too cheap.