new spell(extra limb)

not sure what else to call it besides extra limb
prequisite-muto corupus 20
effect-you grow a extra limb from your rump(complete with hand,dosn't harm any clothing you are curantly wearing)
duration-3 suns(I intended this spell to be used primarally in the lab)
a equal strienth muto animal spell could probibly work for animals that don't have tails naturally & a variant regoanimal spell could give animals that already have tails that are long enough to gain(temporally)a prehensial tail.
tell me what you think of this spell & how you might use it.

Interesting concept. Why not just call it a prehensile tail instead of an arm? More asthetically pleasing. Would certainly freak people out though!

the idea was that the mage would use the arm to hold items while s/he does something else in the lab though.

It grows out from the magus's backside? Sounds like it could be useful as a chair.


Or perhaps for scratching those hard to reach spots? :wink:

Just don't grow a head down there or you know what the other magi will say about you! :laughing:

Any magic items that might use this spell as a basis?

Pair of custom made magical trousers that MuHe (woolen) or MuAn (leather) to accommodate the new limb perhaps? :wink: