new spell(feel the words)

base effect-you can read words with your hands!
prequisites-mutocorpus 30
range-touch(it only effect the caster)
target-ind(see range)
tell me what you think of it please.
on a related note,a question-what form of braile would magi create/use?

Oh, like daredevil! I see you use MuCo, presumably to alter the senses. I reccomend you use Intellego Animal. Intellego to understand, and Animal because most books in the middle ages were written on parchment, which is kind of like leather in that it is made from animal skin.

Good idea Abe!

Yes, I use mutocorpus to alter the senses,But your idea would work as well.

Make it like this....
Base InAn2 (a guess, give or take)

+1M Touch, +1M Concentration, +0M Individual, and you have it all as a 5th level spell! Give or take +/-5 levels (1M = 5 levels)

thanks,now what about my question?

No need for braile if you have that spell!
And braile or anything like it is still a few hundred years off. Though I may be mistaken and something simmilar existed in an earlier period.
Zain-Din al Amidi was a blind scholar who lived in what is now Iraq in the 14th century. He is famous for inventing a system before braille that allowed him to study and recognize his books.

Still a centuriy late but if its been done several times that we KNOW of, ill bet its been done a few times we dont, so i dont think its "off limits" in any way.

Its not like Braille did all the work himself:
or that he was alone about it:
Armitage decided to help solve the problem of making literature available to the blind through embossed type: in Britain this had become complicated by the proliferation of different standards. He formed the "British and Foreign Society for Improving the Embossed Literature of the Blind", later the "British and Foreign Blind Association for Promoting the Education and Employment of the Blind" and (after his death) the "National Institute for the Blind". This group decided to adopt the system of Louis Braille, and Armitage worked tirelessly both for its adoption and for the production of literature in Braille.

Cool :slight_smile:
I stand corrected.

yes,very cool!