New Spell for Moderation: Spell Absorbtion

MuVi(Re) 40 - Per | Special | Ind | - Spell Absorbtion, Ritual
Grants the ability to absorb spells of a specific Form directed at you so long as it is of lower level than this ritual and that this ritual has a higher penetration score than the absorbed spell. The Form is chosen at the time of the ritual. While you are digesting the magic, you have an arcane connection to the caster than can be used as normal. The ritual effect eats the absorbed magic at a relatively quick rate of about one magnitude per minute. If sufficient amounts of it are digested, it will sustain the effect itself. Absorbing energetic sources such as those that used vis or fatigue. Laszlo of Ex misc designed this effect while attempting to integrate non-hermetic magics that could draw vis from very powerful, permanent mystical effects.
(Per +0 | Sun +2 | Ind +0 | Base 40 (General +5 - Contain an effect/ 25 Grant a magical ability))

Not sure how to calculate the level of effect on this one.