new spell (fosilize the moving man)

fosilize the moving man-effect turn yourself into a statue that can move!
tell me what you think of this spell!

Not making any judgements whether the level is correct or not, but if it is, it needs to be a ritual.

And? What is the effect of the spell? You are now made of stone. So....? Effects on movement? Soak, fatigue, combat, perception, social abilities, fine manipulation, casting spells....? Any of those modified? All? None...?


You want abe to actually post that stuff? Ever read any of his other posts? Ever read any of his earlier posts when he was abrahamray on the delphi forums?


Yes, I want just that. If I have to bother myself and put effort in answering his crap, he'd better put up with this stuff as well.



Dude, the point is NOT to answer his crap. Look at his posting history. He has like a week of crazy posting, then he disappears for a while. Then he finds his pipe and stash and gets back to posting.

hardy har har!
your movement is cut by 1/3,fatuige is cut by 2/3,combat is mutiplyed by 3(damage only,otherwise see movement)percption is cut by 1/8,social see percp,fine minipulation is but by 7/8 & for the duration of this spell you cant cast ANY non-terran spells at all!
does that help?

No, it is arbitrary and doesn't fit with the game rules.

If this was GURPS, it might. In Ars Magica numbers tend to be a little bit less random....


what I put down was fractions,NOT dice.

Hey! No fair picking on the pipe and stash! I create some of my best material that way! But I do set them aside when I have to face people and play.

As far as Abe goes, give the guy a break. I actually like some of his ideas. They need more fleshing out usually, but that's okay. He creates raw, rough draft material. Abe, I will always answer your crap, from hereon out. Don't let others squash your raw creativity.

I would spec the details out differently though. Halve movement. Your soak is equal to stone, say, +30? What your soak was previously is immaterial. No penalties for pain or injury until the spell expires. Stone does not bleed. Strength is unchanged, but damage with just your fist is similar to a mace or hammer (+6?)

thanks marko!
I apreciate it a lot!
I just didn't know what the soak was for stone,so I put down the best I thought it was at the time.

I am not sure either. You have the right idea though. Constructive criticism would come up with more accurate less arbitrary numbers. But you gotta start somewhere :wink:

Be creative. If people don't like your ideas, they can clearly see that you are the original poster and just skip over the thread.

an advanced version of this spell could allow the effects to be applied to other people.