new spell(instant poo)

spell name-instant poo
effect-makes the target poo into his/her pants making a big mess of his trousers
range-line of sight
tell me what you think of this spell please!

It stinks.

In Ars 5th I make this --
?? Base 2 - make a target lose control of body part
sight +3

So I make it ReCo 5? I suppose for complexity I might make it +1, so ReCo10?

The problem is you usually can't see the bodypart in question, and this effects the persons innards. Mind you so do some other spells, but I'm not sure. I think its really lower level though?

cj x

you use line of sight to see the person you are effecting of course!

on a less serious note how would poo count as a arcane conection?

Page 84.

AC box in left hand corner..

Second topic
Pretty much explains it...

Less serious? Oh, dear...

Well, that is irony! :laughing:

Indeed! I didn't know if I had to laughor cry there :unamused:


Abe after such a time, you never stop to surprise me.

A spell to embarass a mundane ennemy is an option among others. Don't know if i'd go for the "poop option". I think it's an idea but you could also design an effect to make a kind of "evil symbol" appear on the person flesh so that the mundane get cast out or worse by his fellow men.


ok then how about pee as a arcane connection?(this paticular item probibly would not be good for long as a arcane connection though)