new spell(iron jaw)

iron jaw-basically this spell allows the caster to bite off anything(note the wizard can't eat it if it isnt edible in the first place,the spell only allows the caster to bite the portion off)
prequisites mutocorpus(terram) 15
tell me what you think of this spell. 8)

One of the most interesting spells you have put up so far. Level might be a tad too high for what it is effect. "Introduce a heavily supernatural effect on a human". I can't recall what the base is, but after that you add the following magnitudes: +2 for sun and that is all. Level 15 sounds more adequate to me. At this level it might even be worth to invent it for magi that find themselves in tight spots sometimes.



Maybe an idea to add a terram requisite.

Yeah, might be a good idea.


I edits it(added terram & changed spell level)

Well, target should be "part" as only the jaws are turned into iron and not the entire being.
Nice spell for any animal companion which uses bite attacks anyway. So make it MuAn(Te) range: touch, target: part and duration: diameter. Two minutes of biting through anything should be enough. Otherwise recast it...

changed target