new spell/item(glove of the maticore)

spell-glove of the maticore
basic effect-you shoot out a large(for your hand)spike made of some sort of crystal(what kind is decided at casting)at a target(it is hit with a fines roll)
the item does the same,it is a leather glove sized for the adverage human.
prequisite-creoterran 20
tell me what you think of this item/spell

You already did that one, although allowing to choose the kind of crystal at casting time adds some extra complexity to the spell.

Range, duration and target are all legal and appropriate. The technique and form are correct, although you need to add Rego to throw the dart. I don't know about the level: you need to specify how much damage you want the spell to do so that the base level can be figured out.

As an item it looks like an okay idea to me. As a spell it looks a bit too similar to The Crystal Dart.

Crystal Dart is a lame Muto spell. This is a mighty Creo spell!

Base 5, +3M Sight, +0M Mom, +0M Ind, Level 20 and inflicts +5 Damage.

I myself would make it Range-Voice and +10 damage for the same level.