new spell?(linked with new flaw,alien hand syndrome)

curse of the wandering hand
effect-this spell causes your hand to do the opposite of what you want it to,or to do the most destructive thing possible to you at the time of casting
range-far(to ovoid being caught casting it on a person/mage)
target-persons hand(obivoislly)
tell me what you think of this spell,please!

Range: Far - doesn't exist!

Target: Person - not applicable, use Target: Part instead!

Most destructive - how will you ever know what's most destructive?

Maybe you'll have to add some Creo too?

Abe still only has the 4th edition PDF. In spite of everything else, we can at least forgive his use of a 4th edition range.

I repent... Evil me actually might recall to have heard that... :smiling_imp:

Even though I at times have my doubts whether he has actually studied it... And even if 5th has plenty of benefits compared to 4th, I still think that Abe might find more interesting and inspiring materiel in the 4th core book itself, instead of constantly trying to force fed other games' peculiars, themes and clichés into Mythic Europe...

Moreso, it would also bless him with a more enlighten position from which to venture into searching everywhere else to find inspiration to translate to Ars....

just my two worn cents..

the most distructive act is read from the mind of the victim of the spell(& I thought that far WAS a range in 5th ed.)

So you bought it after all? (No, it's not).

acturally,I thought that from the wordding on the message boards!