new spell list

Thanks Erik for getting this together.

I've found 11 spells not in there however. I hope this comes through ok with the tabs and all. If not let me know.


My New Best Friend CrMe25 GOTF73
Replenishing the Fount of the Magus CrCo30 Path of Energy GOTF39
Facilitate the Stifled (Form) Spell MuViGen Bjornaer HoH:MC36
Faerie Chains of the Familiar Slave CrViGen Merinita HoH:MC90
Form of the (Temperament) Heartbeast MuAn20 Bjornaer HoH:MC36
The Voice of the Bjornaer Magus MuAn15 Bjornaer HoH:MC36
Enchantment of My Lover's Eye ReMe20 Calebais74
The Key of Theodorus ReTe10 C&G10
Instant Loyalty of the Rebellious Turb CrMe50 Cov41
The Riches That Are Rightfully Mine(d) CrTe35 Cov61
The Twice Gifted Coin PeMe15 Cov62