new spell(sense the taste of man?)

sense the taste of man(working title)
basically you can sense what the person you are looking at would most like to eat!
intelgomentum(corpus) 6
tell me what you think of this spell & how it might be used in a adventure.

Guidelines wise do you mean magnitude 6, ie. level 30?.

Suggest it as: InMe30

  • no Corpus needed, its a mind reading effect. Base for that is InMe15 as "Pick a single answer from the mind of the target."
  • R: base Touch to Sight is +3 mags (+15), D: Momentary (+0), T: Ind (+0)

From memory I think there is already a spell in core to ask one question directly into the mind of the target and hear the answer mentally; seems a duplicate, but perhaps that effect is harder or different arts.


InteMente(Creo) maybe, and have it create the taste of what the person most likes to eat. Or the smell, but as a mental thing only, so only they can smell it.

I meant magintude 6,yes & the corpus is to suggest that the spell reads the unconcous desires of the person being read by the spell.