new spell(spell reflection)

spell reflection-regovim gen
basically this spell allows you to "relect" spells back at ther origen thie higher the level of this spell the higher the level of spell you can "reflect"
target-spell(if you have a better target then tell me)
tell me what you think of this spell.

You can't use Range: Sight to target spells.

Well, my first comment would be that this is a MuVi spell according to the ArM5 guidelines. Look at the second guideline. There is also a question whether or not a different version is needed for each Form. The best I can tell from the example spells is that you would not need multiple versions.

To clean things up:
R: Sight
T: Individual
D: Momentary

Ravenscroft, what are you talking about? Are you referring to the comments about Touch for your own spells and Voice for others' spells? If so, you might check that again. ArM5 says Voice or higher, not just Voice.


I was probably thinking that hermetic magic normally can't affect anything it can't detect.

ReVi only allows spells to be sustained or suppressed (page 161).

MuVi , page 159:
Cannot be cast on spontaneous spells
Must fast cast the MuVi spell (assuming that reflection infers non-cooperation)
Can only be used on Hermetic magic
Cannot affect another spell after it has been cast

You can supress spells you are unaware of with rego Vim (as in they don't exist at the time of casting), Look at the guidelines for MuVi. It states a change of target is within the realm of that. I don't thing reflecting them back onto a target is unreasonable. It would probably mean the spell would need a rego requisite for the changing target and a duration which would weaken it quite significantly.



I'd actually go for Rego Vim, using the "Create Conduit" guideline (the same of Intangible Tunnel).

I would not go for Muto, as the spell is not really "changed", only redirected. There's a difference between changing a spell's Target (as in from Individual to Group) and a spell's target (as in from Magus A to Magus B), and Muto deals with the former, Rego with the latter.

I'm pretty sure there was a spell in some supplement for 4th edition that did exactly this, using Rego.

Sounds like you want a spell form of Parma Repercussa (HoH:TL, page 32).
If someone IMS wanted to invent something like this I'd say sure... With a Major Breakthrough, with the following format:

ReVi General

Reflect a spell cast by another back towards its source with level less than or equal to half the (level + 2 magnitudes) of the Vim spell.

Requires a Fast Casting Speed equal or greater than the Initiative total of the source (the -10 penalty from Fast Casting is already reflected in the guideline, with an additional magnitude subtracted to 'pay' for a 'built in' Fast Casting mastery ability). The magus' Casting Total must equal or exceed the Casting Total of the source, the Penetration Total of the reflected spell stays the same as that of the source.

Example spell

Shield of Reflection
ReVi Gen
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual

Reflect a spell cast by another, with level less than or equal to half the level of the Shield, back towards its source.
The magus must be able to sense the spell or power he wishes to reflect. He must equal or exceed the Initiative Total of the source with his Fast Casting Speed and his Casting Total must also equal or exceed that of the source. The Penetration Total of the reflected spell or power remains the same as that of the source. If the reflected spell penetrates, it has it's normal effects, as if it were cast by the magus.
When a magus invents this spell, he gains the Fast Casting mastery ability with this spell automatically, but no attendant Mastery Score. This spell may be otherwise mastered as normal.

I understand, but it is explicitly placed in MuVi in ArM5.

There was a Faerie Magic spell called Spell Net in the WGRE. That was ReVi.


Is it (serf's parma)?

In the box about MuVi (in the second guideline?)

Going off my own feeling about this

Spell Mirror

Mu(Re)/Vi GEN


This spell will reflect upon the caster any spell of up to the Level - 3 magnitudes. If the spell is comming in from over voice range away, the spell will simply fizzle mid return flight

(Base effect + 2 voice + 1 diameter + 1 requisite)

Personally I'm not sure if there would need to be 10 of these (1 per form) as per mirror of opposition or wizards boost. Also Indirect spells as per School of Vilano would not be stopped by this spell.

My relatively young Mercere Metamagician could probably pull together a level 30 (in about 3 seasons) spell which would still only stop spells of level 15 or lower.


any idea on how to use this spell in a adventure?

Spell Reflection will also be able to reflect Spell Reflection aimed at your spells.
Constant effect items with spell reflection (that only work on Hermetic Magic , in case anyone forgot).

This spell in spell grimoire seems to work on what you want to do (but he doesn't follow the fast cast guideline and says nothing about your penetration being higher than that of the offensive spell to work so i'm not sure it's completely canon)

Issue with this spell, is while it's indeed seemingly capable of doing more or less the spell reflection trick, it's a 9th Magnitude spell. Meaning casting it would require a Mu/vi casting total of around 35, learning it a lab total of 45 and developing it a total of 50 would stll only get it done in 9 seasons so to do it in a year would need a 57.