new spell(take the tree walkies)?

take the tree walkies(working title)
basically you can make a tree walk-note that the tree in question won't be any brighter than the adverage tree
regoherbum 35
duration-year and a day
tell me what you think of this spell & how it might be used in ars magica.

Looks a lot like a longer-duration version of 'Free the Striding Tree' (ArM5 core rulebook, p. 139) - which, if I recall correctly, has been around as an example spell since at least 3rd edition.

Since your spell doesn't include any +size modifiers, it's only going to work on small trees and bushes. As such, you may find you get better results by enchanting the tree in your lab with the effect - at which point you have an effectively permanent small walking tree.

If you really want something fae-like, go with a no-size bonus group version, and call it 'March of the Cabbages'

As for what you can do with a walking tree (or a walking cabbage), why... lots of things! You could even make your talisman a giant walking tree... though that's been done before (Magi of Hermes, can't remember the exact page).


Why the year and a day duration (to show that a Merinita can do it????)

Costs vis aplenty.

Why not just moon duration?