new spell(thunder burp!)

thundar burp effect-you send out a LOUD burp that devestates buildings,creatures and/or plants in the area
base effect-mutocorpus(arum,terran,animal or herbum)25(seems about right)
duration-inst.(+1,I think)
distance-30 yard radious(+4,ad hoc)
final level60(I think)
tell me what you think of this spell & how it might be made better.

Can only be cast by fraternity brothers and must have an Aquam requiste :wink:

no,try ex miscilanous.
And I was serious about the input,please give alterative versions of this spell if you want,just try to be serious about it.

reconcieve of it differently. The burp bit is a little silly, but that could just be the sigil of the individual. Try Creo Auram to generate a thunderous force accompanied by a fierce wind.

ok,but the fey house would use this spell as written probibly.

Where to begin. There's no overall level given, no level for the base effect, no particular need for the requisites that I can make out (presumably it just obliterates everything equally) and no such range specification as "distance-30 yard radious." Did you make that up? The standard ranges are Personal, Touch, Voice, Sight and Arcane Connection. If I actually used this spell in our saga everyone would just laugh and I'd probably have to give up on getting anything else accomplished in the game session after that.

Maybe base it on Arc of Fiery Ribbons ARM5 p140

CrAu 25

R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Group
Your.. burp.. leaps from your mouth and flies out as far as your voice carries, covering a 60 degree arc. Everything in the arc takes +10 damage
(Base 5, +2 Voice, +2 Group)

Eat a clove of garlic beforehand to act as a spell focus for +3 :stuck_out_tongue:

its more a matter of CrIm for the sound than CrAu, I would think.

Spell focus should be beer, not garlic :wink:

updated the spell by the way of putting the level I thought that the spell should be at(tell me if you think it is wrong)

umm.. abe.. did you read any of the replies to your post? You know the ones with the suggestions you asked for? Any of them?

Did you choose to simply ignore them all, or just not notice them?

The only change you've since made to the spell was a spell level, and even for that you ignored the suggested level.

If you think the suggestions were wrong, then let us know why. If you simply were never interested in our suggestions to write the spell properly, then don't ask, that's just plain rude.

did some more corrections,I tried to follow your suggestions,I just don't don't know my level adjustments to well,so there will probibly still be some mistakes.