[New Spell to examine] Call the Caesar's Remembrance

Hi everyone, i propose this spell and effect based upon base 1 Intellego Imaginem:

More details after.

Shouldn´t it be Range Personal and Target Individual?
You´re not targeting what you see or touch, you´re targeting your own memory?

I've thought that you:

That means by my reading, that you 1) find one image -entendig it like any specie- and after 2)you can memorize, why this isn't one Mentem principe or requisite i don't know; but by my read this spell works with all the audible and visible images on the Room, included the difficult to perceibe.

It´s a Mentem spell. You use it to perfectly memorise something. It is your MIND that is doing the memorising, not the species you perceive it through.

Affecting the species will not make them more memorable. Well, you could use MuIm to see pretty girls everywhere but then you´re sort of not seeing the original sight anyway... :mrgreen:

Since Intellego is your way to see, and you can use Intellego to talk or count things, i don't see problem on follow the Guideline.
But thanks by your posts.

It looks very similar to a (pre-emptive) version of By His Works (CrMe 5, HoH: TL, p. 73)

Yes, but this spell works on event that are more complex and it can't re-call; only to memorize, to fix and to perceive very well. i admit that Mentem and Imaginem on the Core rules, TMRE, HoH:TL and some more are very related and both crosses many times.