new spell(touch of the ivy)

touch of the ivy effect-you make the target VERY itchy
requisite-mutocorpus(herbum,for the oil of the poison ivy generated)10
I think that the final result is 20,could be wrong
please tell me if I am wrong & how this spell might be made better.

Here's the first, most basic change.

It's a PERDO CORPUS spell. It's creating an itch in the skin...a degeneration or flaw of the body. There is no HERBAM requisite, because you're not creating ivy, and why make the oil do the work when you can cut out the middle man and just have the skin itch like crazy?

The name sounds good, at least.

your right it shouold be perdocorpus(no herbum)


There is no "should be" about it, Abe. While Kazin is correct that it is not exactly a CrHe spell, he errs in his absolutism. As with so many spells in Ars, there's more than one way to achieve the effect.

While it can be made with PeCo, it also can easily be made with CrAq(He) to make the oil, a mild poison. The Base 3 "Create... some natural liquid that is spread over a surface", should suffice. It's then just up to a SG if any complexity should be added for the "itching" - however, K is correct that Corpus is the better way to go, since it's unclear when the itching would start - the next day, the day after? As an annoyance/curse, that would be fine- as a combat spell, not so much. Depends what you're after.

It is not purely Herbem, imo, because it is neither "plants" nor "plant matter". Herbem deals mainly with wood or fiber from plants, not "any" plant product. Maple syrup, varnish or turpentine, while all being "plant products", would all be handled with Aquam (Herbem req.)

That was a small hint that you could go the Creo Herbam route, as well.

How you handle ANY spell can boil down to pure semantics. It's sort of like the age-old argument of "Is Ice Terram or Aquam?" You can argue both ways. Our group decided that ice is, by its nature, still water, and thus is the realm of Aquam.

C is right, though. You could concievable go the Creo Herbam route with it. Your only issue then is "what about people immune to poison ivy?" My roommate appears to be immune to the stuff.

I'd still go with the Perdo Corpus route just to be safe.

Actually you can also do it with Creo Mentem to makie the person believe that his skin aches like hell. As usual, there are several ways to reach the same effect. Amazing system, this of ArM :smiley:




Case in Point. :laughing:

item to go with the spell-wand of ivy touch
you can use this item 12 times a day to cast touch of the ivy or anyother aliergy related spell you want to put into this wand
description-a bunch of poison ivy & poison oak bound together & coated in amber in the form of a wand.
tell me if you think this is a good magic item or not.

Depends what you want your itewm to do. If you want to kill thousands of people, it sucks. If you want to cause 12 people to have a skin itch per day it is amazing. "Good" or "bad" depenbds on your parameters no on the spell per se.



You know.. .. if it's range touch.. .. and.. you're using a wand wrapped in poison ivy... does it necessarily -need- to be enchanted? :slight_smile:

Bit is there a range that affects both Touch and Personal at the same time?


Just a quick point - poison ivy is wholly North American. We have related species in Europe, but they are neither common nor as irritating.

"Touch of the Nettle" would be functionally equivalent.


I am an a american so I didn't know of the nettle,thus the name(the range of the wand should be line of sight & the effect is to eritate mundanes into leaving the magi alone no other reason.

Never blame ignorance on your nationality. It makes the rest of us look bad.

Strangely enough, having an irritating effect does not cause people to leave you alone. People keep scratching at irritating things. They know it will only make it worse, but they just can't help it.

BellaDonna, you are just evil.

(Though you are right of course)

The 5 Rules of Life:

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With those rules, few things cannot be explained.

(And if anyone is offended, see rule #3... and accept the paradoxical truth of the Rules.) 8)

So, presuming that nettles are functionally similar to poison ivy (also being American I have no idea of nettles.. so I'm working on a long plant with some sort of substance that produces a persistant itching irritation) how would you (collectively) adjucate the following spell?

The Irritating Garment
CrHe 15
R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Group
Wraps an individual in leaves and vines of a mildly poisonous plant. It is easy enough to cut the target out from the plant, but anyone who comes in contact with the plant catches an itchy rash.
(Base 1, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Group (I presume that more than one plant would be required to envelope a person)

So here are my questions:

Would the itch/rash be a natural effect persisting past the duration of the spell?

Would you increase the difficulty based on the poison guidelines in Aquam?

Let's make the question a little more extreme:

Presume that Deadly Nightshade is a plant which is, in fact, deadly when ingested. Wikipedia says, "Ingestion of a leaf of the Belladonna can be fatal to an adult. The root of the plant is generally the most toxic part, though this can vary from one specimen to another." So, let us say that this is a poison with an Ease Factor of 9 and inflicts a fatal wound. (These numbers are for discriptive pursposes only; it is not my intention to debate how to stat Nightshade in Ars Magica.)

Can Herbam create a belladonna plant at level 1, or would you increase the base level of the spell? An Aquam spell to produce such a poison would start at 30, incidentally.

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