new spell

spell name-salt spray
effect-you shoot out a rain of salt at the target creating injure to them/it
requisite-creoterram 25/15(15 is for indivigual)
tell me what you think of it please!
possible item that can use it-saltbow
effect of device-when you shoot out a arrow with this bow you also shoot out a hail of rocksalt(this effect is usuable 17 times a day)

If you are going to make up spells ,
reference the guidelines (with a page number).
Make it clear which edition of the rules you are using.

Is there some reason you cannot download the free 4th Edition pdf?

IMHO, we just should quit answering Abe's posts. It's been fun, now it's just :unamused:.

I only answer his posts to boost my post count. :mrgreen:

It also helps to remind any new posters ,
that Abe is using fragmentary knowledge of the 4th Ed rules.

it seems to me the spell is incomplete. What kind of damage and how severe etc.
Think an idea through before posting and I think you'll get more serious replies.

All of the spells put up by Abe are incomplete.
For reasons best known to the OP , this is his standard format.

Ars Magica 4th Edition Core Rulebook
Abe , this link will get you the FREE!!!! 2.95MB pdf.
All you have to do is register at the site.

Creo Herbam:

Sticky Bread
Level: 25
R:Touch, D: Inst, T: Ind
Req: Animal, Ignem
Creates a pile of Soft twisted pieces of bread, cooked to a golden brown color. Each piece is covered with a coating of butter. Anything tossed on the bread will tend to stick to the butter.


Create Perpetual Motion
Level 50
Range : Touch / Duration : Momentary / Target : Individual

This spell creates a cat , which is immediately launched 50 paces into the air.
At the same time it creates warm , buttered toast which is stuck butter-side up to the back of the cat.
The Muto component makes the bread burred on the non-buttered side so that it sticks to the fur of the cat.
The cat will naturally fall on its feet , but the toast will try to land butter-side down.
Resulting in a constant cat/toast spin.

(Base : 15 / +01 Touch / +01 Muto / +01 Rego / +01 Herbam / +01 Ignem / +02 Magnitude)

spell name-ajax hammer of blissful wipe of my mind
effect-removing memory of subject/threads from my mind
perdomentem 7/9/13 (creoterram to make big hammer)
target-self/my brain
range-far out
tell me what you think of it please!
possible item that can use it-hammer
effect of device-hitting myself on the head untill I forget this thread or untill the hurts stop (this effect is usuable hammer initiative bonus+caster Qik x 10 x 60 x 24 times a day)

I would call it Headbanging to Oblivion.

It is true that a hammer has a nice effect, but a large club or a wall work even better at providing shape & material bonuses.

Actually, this might be a good PeMe spell: to make someone forget who he is for Diameter duration and why the hell he is where he is and who he is suppoosed to be fighting can provide quite an edge in combat.



Not sure of the duratiopn on this..
Should also have a stamina + concentration check of 9+

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damage is 2die more than the roll you make on this spell.
also damage is subdual(NON-leathal,just to clear up any misunderstandings)

Fixed your typos. :stuck_out_tongue:

More than 1 die? - but then it must be a Botch roll!

Geez I'm forgetting my resolution - where did I leave that hamm....
[size=150]BANG[/size] die? roll? [size=150]BANG[/size] must forget![size=150]BANG[/size]mamma??[size=150]BANG[/size][size=150]BANG[/size]....

sorry,I meant 1 die & it is non-leathal.

Another typo fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

no I meant [color=cyan][size=200][i]one[/i][/size]die!

Yet more typos fixed. :stuck_out_tongue: