new spell

coat of man
basically it created clothing for the caster
target-air around caster
tell me what you think of it please.

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Having a create clothes spell is quite useful to many Bjornar out there, so I'll comment on this...

Range should be touch (you don't want the clothes made inside your body do you?), so for a lvl 10 spell you might want to reduce it to sun duration.

Sure... you be naked during your re-cast of your parma :stuck_out_tongue:


target-air around caster : Spell should be MuAu

range-personal: So the air containst body heat: MuAu(Ig)


new range-touch
new duration-sun
new target-plants/animal material around the caster.
how's that?

Target: Individual (the person you are touching)

The spell creates the vegetal & animal materials, so it can't target them, since they don't exist before the spell is cast.

thanks, I always get these scruwed up at first
so target is individual.

Actually, you can target what you create. That is what Creo spells usually target after all...

Sorry , that breaks the Limit of Time.
You can't target something before it is created as far as i am aware. :confused:

Limit of time? Look at ALL the Creo spells in the book. What do they target?

The target is what you are creating, because you are creating it. If you wanted to target what was allready there, and change it into what you need, then you'd be using a Muto spell...

As far as I know, abe is still working with the 4th edition.

Ahh - had forgotten about that...

As much as Abe can work with anything. :unamused:

seriously I try!