New Spells & Spell Guidelines for Auras

Hi, I was reading the RoP: Magic and then I didn't undertand if it's needed a Mystery Virtue for the Guidelines Auras or not and If you could try that spells in an no magical aligned aura...
Some answer?

I don't have my books right at hand, but I believe it says something to the effect of "once someone has extended hermetic magic through a Breakthrough, the guidelines will be thus". i.e. for now, that magic is just plain unknown.

Checked the box, read nothing about this. Maybe it's in the text somewhere else.

As I read it, the guidelines p14 are for standard hermetic magic, and give unreliable results, while the hermetic architecture mystery give reliable ones.

It's in the main text somewhere, a quick sentence that says you can only use these guidelines after a Breakthrough. It's a Minor Breakthrough, I think, and a magus will not collect Warping points because it's easier than other Minor Breakthroughs. I think.

Matt Ryan

There is page 7, which says "Any effect that reliably manipulates a Magic aura should probably require at least a Major breakthrough or a Mystery Initiation"

The page 27 Magic Realm Spells guidelines require a (very) minor breakthrough according to page 26.

The page 14 ones are unreliable aura manipulation rituals, and does not seem to need a breakthrough.

Trying them in a non-magic aura would seem to be... adventurous.

thanks, it's for the spells in page 14 by I was questing. Very Thanks to Alls. I think tht could be very average or "savage" try it in no magicls auras.