new target(animal)

this is a new target for those who wish to cast spells on animals without effecting the people around it.
tell me what you think of it please!

I don't see the point. An An spell wouldn't affect the people around it anyway unless it was cast with a Co requisite (and was really weird). If you wanted to, say, curse all the monkeys in a room that contained an equal number of monkeys and people (don't ask me why, this is your doing), you'd just use PeAn with a Group target and the people would be fine.
Am I missing something?

No, it isn't. You just wrote "new target(animal)." That doesn't define a target. To define the target, you need to tell us what you can target with it. In this case, I'm guessing that it's animals, but how many? If it's one, then you've replicated target: individual. If it's a part, then you've replicated target: part. If it's several, then you've replicated target: group. I can't imagine anything that you could possible have been thinking that would make any sense at all.

It could, conceievably, be meant to affect a specific type of animal. Say, all the cows, but not the horses out to pasture. Sort of like the Faerie Magic target Bloodline, only not... The spell could then conceivably be useful, if for nothing else, then to kill all them ratty things.

Course, I seem to feel like I've seen a target that works this way already. Divine maybe?

How about Flying Butt Monkey as a target. :stuck_out_tongue:

RTFM RTFM RTFM RTFM - for goodness sake go back and Read The F******* Manual!

there is no need for this "target", nor is it in any way clearly defined.
As it is, we already have spells of the magical Form of Animal affect beasts, without affecting people (Corpus);
vice versa, Corpus spells affect bodies of people and not of beasts.

If you wanted, say, a fire spell to affect only people, then
a) use a Group Target, since Group only affects a bunch of similar things
or b) invent a spell with a Corpus or Animal requisite, so the spell can only target those forms.

Note that in all cases, fire tends to start secondary fires (real fires!) by igniting flammable materials, and those are out of control of the spells.

How about "Abe" as a "target" - spell goes off randomly without thought, and has some sort of affect, somewhere, somehow, with a level, or so, ish...

How about "Abe" as a "target" - spell goes off randomly without thought, and has some sort of affect, somewhere, somehow, with a level, or so, ish...

What about if the effect is, the target- ABE, is chastised by all those surrounding him.

Hey Abe,

I got to hand it to you - even though you, in spite of many more or less kind recommandations to study the rulebook more, don't seem to have gotten the grasp of the basic mechanics of Ars Magica - you still seem able to rather quickly get a lot of replies on your messages.

Congratulations to you!

And my admiration and respect to the many patient people who constantly make an effort to help you - I hope you give them their due gratitude!

And to the many people whom Abe apparently seem able to provoke, and that use a lot of effort to flame him - I think your respected effort and opinions would be more appreciated elsewhere on the forum. I for one have been frustrated by the fact that I've missed having more of my sodales input and opinion on posted questions.

I hate to play the Devil's advocate, but may I draw your attention to page 68 of RoP:Divine and the "Sin" target? I'll grant you that it is different in that there are no outer signs revealing whether a given person is a valid target or not, but it is similar in that it is a restricted Individual target. Similarly for the Faith target, which does not even specify how many targets it can affect.

Abe's mechanics are abysmal. And often his ideas too. But I often find them so out-there that they actually lead to interesting ideas and options. Reading abe's posts is like thinking out of the box. OK, 'thinking under the effects of LSD" might be a more accurate description. You get to experiment with altered consciousness states, without risking your precious neurons :smiley:

Although in this particular case - nah, nothing interesting I can see.

I find it interesting to wait until the thread has generated ten or more replies to see if it prompted a discussion actually applicable to Ars Magica.

There have been some.

I shall now endeavour to spam all of Abe's threads to at least 10 posts ,
just to build my post count. :smiling_imp:

You're a fiend :smiling_imp: :wink:

Well, yes I basically came up with the whole Duration: Journey thread based admittedly on a poorly executed idea of abe's. This lead to an idea for he Target: Company, which frustratingly nobody has commented on:

Although there have been 10+ posts hanging sh%$ on abe for proposing Target: Animal above!

I mean, what gives?

Most of the time I find this forum more interesting than the Berklist, but sometimes it becomes just as pointless unfortunately - the only way to get anything read is to post "abe" in the title...


Heh, I find the Berklist too much lately. Its a visual matter. I can't read navigate the different threads as easily as here, I'm drowning in threads I don't want to read.
If the Berklist would be linked to a forum, now that would have been nice. I could also use the Ignore option. :slight_smile:

I'll look into that Company target. :slight_smile: The Journey duration was a very interesting.