New to AM 5e, looking for a game


I discovered Ars Magica 5e a few weeks ago, and I would like to sign up to a game which would be friendly to total novices.

Does such a game exist ?


Roger (Mallet)

The pbp forum games tend to be complex but there have been more basic games - one stipulated the core book only too which was interesting. Keep a watch and a game will probably land.

We're open for new spots in a biweekly hangouts game, let me know if you're interested.

A couple of the players knew nothing when we started a few years ago.

Thank you very much for the invitation, that is very kind of you.

What I am looking for at the moment is the Play by Post format, however.



There's always games going on here in the forums, I know Marko has a long going campaign over there and he's usually open for new people - not sure how novice friendly it would be though.

Good luck, I hope you find something nice!

Hai mallet. Fancy meeting you here :0)

I too am having no luck finding a play by post group. The rpg geek crowd disappeared before we could start. :confused:

Thanks for the lead Yan. Been wanting to play for 2 months here :frowning:

For the moment, I put aside my Ars Magica projects temporarily.