New to Ars Magica, looking for a PbP

Hello all,

I recently started playing ArM5 and now I am looking to play a game. I got, and read, all the books in the recent bundle of holding and created a couple of sample characters and a sample covenant. I have in the past run and played in several long-ish (max 1.5 years) play by post campaigns and I am well aware of the requirements.
Anyone willing to take on a newbie?

As long as you don't mind a newbie SG, sure; I've only ever been a player in two sessions and never SGed, but I'm giving it a shot here. I'm about to post a recruitment thread either tomorrow or this weekend based on two other players I've been PMing, to pick up another person or two, and if you'd like you can be there. The game is going to be set in northern Novgorod, probably not Scandinavia but nearby, and involve a lot of interaction with fairly powerful hedge wizard traditions. I'm aware that you don't appear to own Hedge Magic Revised Edition, since your stuff came in the bundle, but I'm pretty sure if you've read the books you got in the bundle you'll at least understand the concept of a Hedge Wizard; it's basically just a wizard who practices magic other than the kind the Order of Hermes does. Aside from that, your character probably wouldn't know much about the Hedge Traditions up in these northern areas anyway, so your lack of books (and therefor prior knowledge) shouldn't negatively impact your experience at all. It's intended to be a rather high-fantasy game, more focused on magical accomplishments, interacting with exotic magicians, and encountering mystical creatures and places than things like dealing with nobles and internal Hermetic politics, though those things will exist too, just in smaller amounts.

If this sounds interesting to you, keep an eye out on "GMs looking for players" for my eventual thread.

I am game for that!