New to the forum


I am new to the Atlas forum. This is my first post, and I am very pleased to find a community dedicated to what I think is one of the best role-playing games ever written.

I have a group here is Sao Paulo, and we run weekly sessions. We have been playing Ars Magica since the 3rd edition (we kinda skipped the 4th, but welcomed the changes brought by the 5th), and it never occured to me to try to find a community online (which is kinda dum, now that I think of it).

I am very familiar with the game setting and rules, and I have access to basically everything that has been printed since 5th ed. came out. The problem is, I never played online, which makes me a total noob to the whole experience, but I would really like to give it a go. Any campaings willing to take me in?

I can log on this (or any other) forum on an almost daily basis, though I can't assure I will be able to do it every single day.


Oi, todo bem? I run the Shores of Albion saga which just started last month, and I would absolutely make room for a Brasiliero. :slight_smile:

That sounds great! So, how can I make myself useful for you guys? What does the campaing need?

I wouldn't mind playing a companion, mage or anything you deem appropriate. If possible, I would like to play:

  • A mage from House Mercere (Mercurian, possibly from the Cult of Heroes) or from any Mystery House.
  • A Redcap or a Forge Companion.

In any case, the whole online-playing experience should suffice by itself, so I am open to suggestions.

How should I proceed?