New to the game.

Looking for a troupe to join. The reason being that I bought a great deal of the books and then realized that I live in the US and remembered what kind of games the majority of US RPers are willing to try. So I have not had the chance to participate, have not even come close.

Yeah, I missed the last Ars Magica game cutoff, myself.

I'm looking for a few good Flambeau magi if you are interested. I had two players drop out, and I plan to build up to a total of 12 members of the covenant. The game has already started, bbut I can possibly work you in as side characters to start off with and go from there.

Just tell me what kind of Flambeau (I.e., more or less aggressive/intellectual, yes/no faerie or mythic blood, that sort of thing) you're looking for and I am in.

I can pretty much play as a member of any house so Flambeau still works. Just give me more of the juicy details and I'll have a character for you.

Take a look over at Andorra and see what we are doing :smiley: