New Tribunal of Iberia book is out!

Honestly, the deletion of the Shadow Flambeau plot disappoints me. I agree with everyone else that demons were way overused in the old book, but the Shadow Flambeau was the one infernal story I would have kept, updating it for the 1220 time frame and revising the wizards involved in the same way Ralaganta was revised for Realms of Power: Infernal. The whole story of the Shadow Flambeau is a great hook for an entire Iberia campaign, as good (while also different than) any of the campaigns suggested in other ArM5 tribunal books.

A shame, really.


I agree.
I just deleted most of the Iberia book from my headspace, but the shadow flambeau stuck.

It was also great, for once, to have someone other than "schemer-types" (tytalus, tremere, guernicus) be the villain.

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In which Tribunal are the Guernicus the "bad guy"?

The one I am most familiar with is the Rhine, and they are practically a joke there.

Ironically enough, I think it was Rome because Iberia was supposed to have gutted them after finding the Duresca Scrolls. That was a few editions ago, (3rd). This was during the "Demons everywhere" phase.
Loch Leglean also has a corrupt Guernicus blackmailing the rest of the covenants. Of course, technically Loch Leglean doesn't have enough covenants left to count as a Tribunal in their book. That was in 4th edition.

Anyone got their hardcopies of the book yet?

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You could say in the new Iberia book Guernicus came out on top after the combination of the Tremere Sundering, the Duresca scrolls, the Tytalus corruption, and the Schism war. The coverups of Duresca and the Schism war, enforced largely by Guernicus, are like a big cloud over the life of the Tribunal.

Crowdfunders got our copies the last week of December.

Well I'm slooowly going through the book.

But first of all, I don't understand all the upset replies to @altidiya. I guess we were all quite excited about this book and being disappointed by it is harsh enough as it is to also have a bunch of people coming to argue with you about your opinion.

(Which from where I got (halfway through the mythic history) I mostly agree)

The mundane history chapter was like reading Wikipedia but without the cross-references. At some point I skipped ahead saying "ok, enough of the history lesson reminder, let's go straight to 1220" and there were only two pages describing the default age setting. Yeah yeah, I'd read that the book is supposed to be planned as if you could play it at any time in hermetic history, but for me that's a weird explanation. First of all I'm not really aware of the existence of that crowd of we spaniards wanting to play in an earlier century. Second, if I wanted to do so I think I could take any other tribunal book and adjust it without needing 40 pages of mundane context around. Thirdly the mundane history chapter is mostly a text wall crowded with names and dates pretty irrelevant from an hermetic perspective and I just don't see how that would help me play a saga in an earlier century.

Then I think there is some lack of editing and revision. I remember reading at some point that a certain king A had two songs, B and C, and then C died leaving his three years son D as his heir, and then it is pointed that B is the uncle of D. Yeah, I know how family works, thank you very much. Also reading that the improvement in medicine made at some point the average age of the population in Cordoba (or somewhere else, I'm not quoting) to be 70 years. So the whole kingdom was crowded by old dudes!? Shouldn't that be the average life expectancy? (and still I think it's quite high for the period given child mortality rates, but anyway).

Then there are odd things here and there. I found quite odd a reference to the Dahman-Allaidh crisis to say that a maga from Iberia got there to fight the spider. I mean, there is actually no need to try to build such a connection between that chapter of history and Iberia, is it? There was Pralix and that flambeau happy-trigger magus and all the british sorcerers that Pralix enlisted, to suddenly drop that there was a spanish Diedne also deeply involved seems odd to me. I think the new book should had been build into canon, not trying to squeeze its place into it by saying "oh yeah, there is also this maga which is quite important in Iberia but hadn't ever been mentioned in any canon book. All of that just for a couple of paragraphs? I'm not sure it's worth it, really. Also at some point it is mentioned than when the tribunal was finally established there were 16 covenants and 30 magi. So what, an average of 1.9 magi per covenant!? Or the vis tax depending of the type of covenant, 1 for Spring covenants, 5 for Summer, 8 for Autumn and 2 for Winter. Covenant's seasons aren't really an in-game categorization, there isn't really anyone going around expending seasons' certificates to covenants. I think we are turning an abstraction into a mechanic there and that seems just weird.

Anyway I'm really hoping to get to the covenants chapter, which I hope will get me some tools to play around. What I don't think I'm going to get and I would have love to find is a characterization of the kingdoms and cities around. A book containing tools like these suggested by Justin Alexander to play into cities would had been just so great. Imagine some of these for Córdoba, Granada, Cádiz, Toledo, Barcelona... I'm partly afraid party excited thinking that probably if I want that I'd have to build it myself.

So, so far, way too many data textwalled and so few useful tools to play with. Let's hope it gets better once I past the history chapters.


I haven't yet. Going to need to follow this up. Backerkit hasn't even listed as shipped for me.

Sorry to hear that, check it out. Mine came just in time for christmas, cool timing.

Contact @Ismael directly.

Salve sodales!

I'm happy to see that you are all enjoying the book and that this thread is so active.

@DeedNay please send us an email to so we can track your shipment. We know that there was some issues regarding customs, but as far as we know all the confirmed orders were sent.


I got a box of books delivered to the UK last week, so I have a physical copy of this and the other 5e Spanish books.

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I'll agree that I'd have liked to have seen an updated version of the Shadow Flambeau. There are definitely changes I'd have made (Relegare's already been done, but I'd not make them the key factor behind the Reconquista's success either), but I think the basic idea can work.

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OK, so after kicking myself for not backing this project (I know, I know...) I got around to looking through my old blog and summarising all the Iberian (mostly Andalusian) information that people may find useful...

Hola! Finis Terrae is here


So apparently the Spanish guys will be releasing for further sale soon to non-Kickstarter cretins like me!

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