New Verditius mystery - Reworking

Hi All,
My Greedy Verditius has been at it again - he wanted a way to make use of all those simple things he made in his youth.

Reworking a device
Req: Reforging

The magus may take a single season to alter a magic item and improve its abilities. The magus must have a lab-text for the item, or investigate it as per the reforging rules. If the magus ReVi lab-total meets or exceeds the highest power of the device he may proceed with the reworking.

The magus may alter the magics in the device to improve the range, uses, duration or penetration. The magus may not alter the target, trigger action, linked triggers or the actual effect of the device. The magus must be able to craft the new total in a single season. Reworking costs 1 pawn of vim in addition to that needed for the effect. If there is not enough free space, or the item cannot hold enough vis the reworking fails and botch die must be rolled - see lab explosions.

Reworking replaces the original creators sigil with the reworking magus sigil.

Brutus of Verditius has a wrist-guard - a lesser device with the effect "Crystal Dart" 24 times per day. He wishes to alter the device to include penetration. The guard is a small iron item, so can hold a maximum of 10 pawns of vis. As it is a lesser device is has not been opened.

Arts: Rego 10, Vim 12, Muto 15, Terram 19
Int 3, Magic Theory 8, Aura 7, Inventive Genius 3

Crystal Dart
R:V, D:M, T:I
Req: Rego
Base 3, V +2, Req +1

24 uses (+5 levels)
15 levels.

Brutus Rego Vim lab-total exceeds the lvl 15 of the device. He wishes to add 20 Penetration to the device for a +10levels to the effect. His Mu(Re)Te lab-total comes to 50, so he can make the alteration. The new effect takes up 25 levels of effect in the device, needing 3 pawns of vis - 2 were already in the device, so he only needs 1 pawn for the effect, and 1 pawn is used in reworking the device.

As can be seen - Reworking is similar to reforging an item to reclaim the vis, then re-creating it to be better. But the work is all done in a single season, and is more limited than creating the item fresh.


Isn't this similar to mutable devices found in Ancient Magic (Heron of Alexandria)?

I don't know, I've not read Ancient Magic yet - though my SG has a copy....

I'm away from my books but it seems close. Which, to me, means it is probably a good idea. If your SG is looking to make it a saga point there is a lot of good foundation for a Verditiius in that chapter (or a lot for those that think the Verditi ara bunch of poser hedgemagicians and all they need is a couple breakthroughs to put them in thier place!).

Don't know where you want to go with your Verditi, but I would say that it is a very fun idea!