New Virtue: Light Step

I'm generating a Grog for our new saga (we are, at last, switching to 5th edition) and I want something like this. The idea is that it will give a bonus to moving silently, walking on mud/snow/quicksand without sinking, and to moving without leaving tracks.

How big should the bonus be? Perfect Balance gives +6, but I wonder if that's too high for this broader application.

Or does something similar already exist?

Have a look at ArM5 p. 45 Light Touch. It appears that Light Step is just that, but applying to feet instead of hands.

Sinking in quicksand or mud of course depends of the Grog's weight (and the size of his feet :wink:) much more than of his Light Step. But stepping and jumping carefully around the mudholes might be covered by Light Step then still.


I suppose what I had in mind was the ability to make one's weight matter less, but I take your point. I wonder, in that case, whether this might work better as a Supernatural Virtue.

Yes, Light Touch gives a +1 bonus, but has, it seems to me, a much broader application. Perhaps +3 is a good middle ground.

'Making weight matter less' could also be achieved by a simple enchanted item, Hermetic or not. As we talk about a Grog, there are many ways that such an item could have been made and ended up with him.

That's for you to negotiate with your troupe, of course. I consider Light Touch a little bit at the weak end for a Minor Virtue - but that's me.


I agree with +3. A +6 is for quite-specific or very special bonuses, like Essential Nature. And +1 is quite low. I think +3 is a nice bonus - one difficulty level - and fits well given the fairly-wide scope.

Thanks folks.

I'm still toying with the idea of making it a Supernatural Virtue (calling it Faerie Tread, or some such thing) - same bonus.

A Supernatural Virtue version could also be very interesting. Beyond simply Puissant Stealth. For scaling, I recommend the section on supernatural abilitites on HoH:S.

Great idea!

Smaller bonus but let it cover much more, like including a chance to walk on top of mud, quicksand and alike.

A skill possessed by Tolkien's elves, if I'm not mistaken.

To a rather extreme degree, yes