new virtue (spell prodigy )

This virtue allows the user to learn and improve the spells you gain for about 1-2 xp or so.
What do you think?

Flesh it out for me. How is it different from the virtue "Spell Mastery"?

It's a work in progress, but I think it should be a advanced version of spell mastery.

Here's a thought on the subject tell me what you think, you can master /learn a spell for 1 xp per level of the spell magnatude of the spell. what do you think?

Learn a spell for XP? No thanks, though HoH: Mystery Cults have a version of this.
Master a spell for 1 XP/magnitude? Isn't that the basic rule in 4th?
If you want to do it in 5th, not a chance! Flawless Magic only doubles XPs spent on mastery, and is already competing for strongest major hermttic virtue in 5th.