New virtue: Trivia

New virtue "trivia" or "know-it-all".

You have an unusual amount of trivial knowledge, you know data, facts, anecdote, relations, quotes or gossips about almost everything you know

You earn the ability trivia and its score is not raised with XP noor creation points. This ability is raised with the sum of all your ability scores.

You can use this abillity in adition of any roll involving the recall of particullar information regarding any of the abilities you know.

You may take the Know-it-all flaw (if you want) and shall take the curious trait .

(my opinion is, as it will be an average of +3 in a certain aspect could remain minor, but it can become major if its common YSMV.)

Your opinions are more than valuable! Hope you like it

That´s actually a pretty good idea...

Interesting take on the mechanics part... Unsure about how good that works but not going to say it´s bad...

The Divine Abbot, in... Antagonists, has such a virtue. You may want to check it.

Ups! I've been thinking to publish that for months :frowning: not sure of the gameplay , and a bit of shy ffor my part.


When someone in my group ,myself included, buy thet book i will take a look. Thanks.

Ps: i just consulted the list of virtues , its on 109?

So the way to know the most trivia possible is to buy a bunch of abilities at low level and never really master one skill.
That really makes a lot of sense to me. Albeit in a slightly sad way that explains much of my life.

Im happy you like the idea. When i got the book on my hands i will compare to the other virtue.

If you see this virtue to be very difcult to rise you can treat as an art (3on3 instead 5on5)